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MadNoobins t1_iym1dkv wrote

serious question, did you know you were testing the HIV vaccine? what did it pay and what did they tell you the risks were when you signed up?


redrightreturning t1_iyme288 wrote

Yes I knew. I was paid $50 or $100 per visit I believe (this was 15 years ago). Iirc I received a basic check up first and then over time 2 or 3 doses of vaccine. most visits were a quick blood draw. The study lasted over a year and I think I probably went in about 1-2x/per month.

They did explain the risks. That is a normal part of the consent process for any human subject participating in a study.

To be clear, there was NO RISK of being exposed to HIV, if that is your concern. The vaccine didn’t contain any HIV.