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TheChance t1_iymw1sg wrote

That’s correct, and it’s a societal-level horror show. /u/DoraTehExploder believes the opposite: that big pharma is withholding medicine until you sign over your soul.

I can’t even figure out their logic. Obviously selling somebody a product over and over is more profitable if they carry the same markup than selling a limited number of something…

…so the obvious thing to do is to let our customers die, whereupon they’ll never be able to buy anything again.

What a maroon.


DoraTehExploder t1_iynsz9g wrote

You could use some practice with reading comprehension and logical extrapolation. Not once did I ever imply or suggest that the most profitable option was to let the customer die. I suggested that they (being the pharmaceutical industry) could abuse the inelastic demand for a life sustaining medication in order to lock their "customers" (who have the sum total of two choices: A. do whatever is necessary to continue receiving doses of medication or B. die.) into an abusive relationship (read: hostage situation).