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DoraTehExploder t1_iyx9f6n wrote

Lmao ok, you enjoy huffing on that ignorance buddy; it is meant to feel like bliss after all. If you ever decide you wanna join the real world you could start with Googling the difference in patent law since the early 1800's, which are the definitions you seem to be going off of, and then you could move on to understanding the separation of will between the business arm of a multinational capitalist institution and the subtextual will of those whose work is exploited for sale.


TheGoodFight2015 t1_iyywbwi wrote

So you think we have discovered a cure for cancer and corporations are just crushing it time and time again? No young budding scientist has ever blown the lid on it? Everyone is being fed a total lie?

I agree corporations are controlling our societies in ways they shouldn’t be, but you’re starting to trickle off into the rant in the style of a Q’anoner and it’s not endearing to your side. I haven’t even disagreed with the idea of power structures controlling itself, just pointing out the inconsistencies in the argument. I’d invite you to do the same and be logical if we want to have a real discussion.