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stephenBB81 t1_j0ybnj4 wrote

I think you need to have some experience on executive boards to truly grasp what happens. The good news is chances are your local youth sports organization is looking for people to be on their board every year.

There are a lot of decisions that get made that don't easily have a right or wrong answer. And picking what metrics to use to gauge success in itself can be a make or break for a company.

If it was easy to make a successful business operate we'd have far fewer business failures.


james_wheeler OP t1_j0yfkqz wrote

We got one. Hook line and sinker,. I'm a card carrying IWW. We are coming for your privilege,. The USA Constitution is based off of the principals set forth by The French Revolution. Workers are the majority and we are coming for your heads.


stephenBB81 t1_j0yfvcp wrote

Ya I'm far from the privileged class apart from being born a white male in the 1980s

As a card carrying member of the IWW I assume you also want to replace all your stewards with AI programming because they do the same functions as board members. My wife who is a union steward goes through the same stuff as I do sitting on my local Hockey BoD, and sitting on a Canadian Safey Authority group board making sure that safety for workers is paramount in working on elevated platforms.


Happyhotel t1_j0yd10i wrote

Ok but who gets to design the algorithm? Whoever that is now has all that power.


james_wheeler OP t1_j0yf144 wrote

Vet and test. Still saves money on the executive end. R&D + IS and let the board of investors vote on it. Maybe ? Not sure 100% but, if we don't automate them, they will automate the workforce. Just thinking we could put some heads together and find a fault or solution. Scientific Method


soulwind42 t1_j0ylgze wrote

Why wouldn't the executive AI automate the workforce? Most companies spend a lot more on labor than on executives.

Also, there isn't much to automate at that level, it's all abstract analysis and decision making.


Littleman88 t1_j0z6z19 wrote

They're already using AI in some fields like rental pricing to squeeze as much from renters as they can and undoubtedly is already in use for gas pricing, if their advancements in the art fields isn't enough of an indication of their abstract analysis capabilities. No reason to believe that can't extend to the sales of tools, food, and other goods. Going to be wild if people are trying to calculate which hour of the day is the best time to go buy milk.

Mostly, if the job comes down to ensuring the bottom line only ever grows, expect a sophisticated automatic calculator to at least look like a very enticing option over a person the board has to pay 7+ figure bonuses to.


UniversalMomentum t1_j0ykt96 wrote

I do think you have a point that management and a lot of other office jobs are easier to automate than those working the jobs would like to believe.


QristopherQuixote t1_j0ynel8 wrote

AI is task oriented, not a mind replacement. Strong AI is the equivalent of a human mind with potentially more computing power. Such an entity has never been created. We don’t even know how our minds work let alone how to code one to run on a chip or set of chips. You could probably train models to make certain types of decisions, and these decisions would be more consistent and objective, but to make one that replaced humans outright with the breadth of decisions they make is not yet possible.


flecknoe t1_j0yi6jq wrote

The algorithm would first have to want the job more than your basic executive does. You're talking about making AI that desires power.


tendaga t1_j0ys8lx wrote

Oh hell it's glitched out... all it wants are paperclips...


graphytedesign t1_j0ylgty wrote

No part of this would be easy, the task of creating an AI that makes decisions consistently and remembers them is already extremely difficult, and creating automated leadership wouldn’t benefit workers. You cannot simply “get some codeheads to make this happen.” When this thing does exist, it will be built by the likes of Zuckerberg or Bezos, and likely in their image, so I doubt it’ll be equitable. The AI’s motive would be to create profit for the company, so it would fire as many workers as it could and operate with the minimum number necessary. Even if it was implemented to account for your union rights / benefits, it would just become ever more cunning at exploiting them. Beyond that, it wouldn’t have any empathy for rule breakers or people who make mistakes, which to be fair most humans don’t. If you want workers to have equitable rights and make equitable profits, they need to be in charge of the company themselves or have some sort of profit share program where they are directly invested in the company’s success.


TomChai t1_j0ypntq wrote

OP tried really hard to emulate the working process of executives, but cannot reach fidelity whatsoever. Turns out there is no working process anyway and it was just overthinking.


ibluminatus t1_j0yqyj1 wrote

I mean this could be done without AI, its about the distribution of power in the organization. It's a wrong sense of realism (which I wouldn't assume this sub would buy into) to assume that just because the current predominant power distribution isn't a remnant of feudalism, mercantilism, colonialism or manorialism all of which are non-democratic systems. Our current systems even at the lowest level of organization whether it be families or businesses or etc often don't embrace more full versions of democracy and power distribution but its really inherited. AI could help answer questions a worker co-operative, which seems to be more what you're looking for asks of it. Worker Co-Operatives would still have leaders, pay divisions based on contributions and full democratic decision making vs the current system where someone is the CEO (king) until they die or retire or leave and everything is done according to their whim.


lexartifex t1_j0yr2cr wrote

You seem to have no idea what executives do. Their jobs are probably the least automatable. I think you are trying to say you want to automate bureaucracy, which makes sense, but the problem you are encountering is not the fact executives exist, it is that the organization is terribly designed and run. Trying to use AI to fix that is a boomer take in itself ironically.


james_wheeler OP t1_j0yfvng wrote

Money / inheritance doesn't make you smart. I know guys that would carry you ten miles, just to throw you in the canal. WOBBLIES!!!


Netroth t1_j0yldy0 wrote

You replied to the post. Was this supposed to be directed at a comment?


Nwcray t1_j0ypsug wrote

OP is somehow trolling himself, I think.


Netroth t1_j0ypubv wrote

This was the conclusion that my partner and myself came to as well.


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Netroth t1_j0ylkzn wrote

Mate, why’re you commenting this on your own post.


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_Deekus_ t1_j0ygxpp wrote

you on drugs?


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_Deekus_ t1_j0yoxmc wrote

im just trying to figure out your angle, im going with troll. thanks for the laugh. i like lurking here, this sub is a weird one


Nwcray t1_j0yq2gg wrote

Yep, that’s Central Illinois levels of crazy. Although horseshoes are delicious. I’ve never understood why they didn’t take off in other parts of the country, other than maybe because no one else can get the cheese sauce right.