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soulwind42 t1_j0ylgze wrote

Why wouldn't the executive AI automate the workforce? Most companies spend a lot more on labor than on executives.

Also, there isn't much to automate at that level, it's all abstract analysis and decision making.


Littleman88 t1_j0z6z19 wrote

They're already using AI in some fields like rental pricing to squeeze as much from renters as they can and undoubtedly is already in use for gas pricing, if their advancements in the art fields isn't enough of an indication of their abstract analysis capabilities. No reason to believe that can't extend to the sales of tools, food, and other goods. Going to be wild if people are trying to calculate which hour of the day is the best time to go buy milk.

Mostly, if the job comes down to ensuring the bottom line only ever grows, expect a sophisticated automatic calculator to at least look like a very enticing option over a person the board has to pay 7+ figure bonuses to.