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drquaithe t1_j1bx70z wrote

"Luddite" is not the insult you think it is.

They were a movement of qualified textile workers who were opposed to getting automated away with machines. Factory bosses got many of them killed for protesting.

It's actually an excellent comparison.


Psychomadeye t1_j1bziqq wrote

Luddite has that definition now specifically as an insult based on the historical group who thought they could save their jobs by smashing machines defined as a person with a fear of advancement. It's not really a great example because this technology (that I work with) doesn't have the same kind of threat that those textile factories have. Natural language models might replace some call center workers in the same way prerecorded automated menus might, but the majority of jobs that a lot of clownspeople think will be replaced are under no real threat. These ML models and automatic looms are similar in their innovative ability, but unlike ML models, looms are actually consistent and their output can be relied upon.


LucienSatanClaus t1_j1by6xp wrote

Funny thing is it looks like you don't understand the concept of language and how the meaning of things change over time. Luddite used to mean the workers you mentioned but used in later years it started meaning stupid / imbecile people.


Gax63 t1_j1bzi47 wrote

No, A Luddite is someone that is opposed to new technology or does not understand how to use new technology.

I would argue that everyone has bit of Luddite in them, if not they will as they age.


Gubekochi t1_j1bz9n8 wrote

I mean... I can empathize with their rejection of the capitalist propaganda that lead the word to take such a connotation if that's were they are coming from...


ThatDudeShadowK t1_j1bxg6k wrote

Yeah, being named after a bunch of stupid people who got killed for their stupidity is an insult.