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[deleted] t1_j252nyr wrote


Sensitive-Bear t1_j253dik wrote

Does it matter? Don’t be part of the problem. Verify before posting. Stop spreading misinformation.


DoubleFuckedOreo t1_j253tm3 wrote

First rule of reporting: don’t report anything you didn’t experience firsthand.


iCantPauseItsOnline t1_j254izo wrote

>today I stumbled upon something

you literally even claimed it was today

and you spam posted this to how many different subreddits?

go fuck yourself. You got problems. You need to be banned from the internet.


Usagiboy7 t1_j253puv wrote

In your original post you said you had the experience. Now you are saying it was your friend's?


IvanMarkowKane t1_j256ks4 wrote

You claimed it was your experience. This is the first mention of a friend “I just had” are the first three words.

To say you lack credibility is an understatement


100FootWallOfFog t1_j256vt9 wrote

Pretty clear mental health issues here. Vapid attention seeking.

You should talk to someone OP.


treddit44 t1_j257l1p wrote

You spent longer writing up your bullshit post than it would have taken to ask the bot yourself. Clearly you're okay with wasting your own time but don't get into the habit of wasting others. It's not a great look