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Cognitive_Spoon t1_j1w8vrn wrote

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Are you an AI?


Nixeris t1_j1wm2iv wrote

I've given examples, and you're just ignoring them to pretend I'm being absurd.

The process of writing a paper improves your reading comprehension, written communication skills, and critical thinking. However, you're not writing the paper to get better at the process of writing papers. You're writing it to practice those ancillary skills and show to the teacher that you can do it. It's those skills that are the purpose of writing the paper, not the process of writing a paper.

The paper isn't the point, it's the test to see if you've gotten the important parts of the lesson. No more than the ability to answer multiple choice questions is the point of math tests.

You aren't learning these things because they're the most important things to being an adult, but because in learning them you learn and practice ancillary skills that are important to being a functioning member of society.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j1wr821 wrote

There is no process without skills.


Nixeris t1_j1z05jo wrote

Yes, but that's so basic a statement as to have no bearing on the conversation.

In this case the conversation is about how in education you often aren't doing the process with the end-goal of learning the process. You don't write a paper because the end goal is to teach you to write the best papers (aka, teaching a process to learn the process), you're doing it because it develops additional skills like critical thinking and communication (aka, teaching a process to learn a skill). The same way you don't run on a treadmill to get really good at running on treadmills.

In particular it's about which skills you're learning while doing the process.