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gaudiocomplex OP t1_j21m39e wrote

I explicitly went out of my way to distance myself from preppers.


Ghostglitch07 t1_j22dehs wrote

But it's kinda exactly what you are doing. Panicking and trying to prepare for a future that may never happen, let alone in your lifetime.


gaudiocomplex OP t1_j22j17y wrote

Ok sure, but that's an awfully generous generalization of preppers you've got there.


ralpher1 t1_j236w2o wrote

Seriously, why would you leave academia? A necessity good, inelastic demand, and finite supply because of the number and size of universities vs growth of the population. If you wanted to be forever safe from AGI taking your chosen profession, go back to academia and get tenure.


gaudiocomplex OP t1_j254npn wrote

where to start... Tenure track positions are few and far between. I make about three times more than I did in that field. It's well documented that academia is suffering, particularly in my area of expertise.


HugeHans t1_j23g0g2 wrote

If it walks like a duck and all that. Saying you are not a prepper doesn't change the fact that you are worrying about something that is very unlikely and doing things that are detrimental to your current situation.

Prepping isn't a bad thing if its your hobby. Its a fine lifestyle if it actually brings you contentment. If its something you do out of fear and anxiety then better to work on those emotions instead.


gaudiocomplex OP t1_j2588q4 wrote

Where am I doing anything detrimental here? Would love to know