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53eleven t1_j1sxu0k wrote

Plants grew for millions of years without chemical fertilizers.


ResponsibleDealer749 t1_j1tkkds wrote

They do, and humans died since ever until we started using them, then from a few millions to 8 billion of us


53eleven t1_j1ud7c4 wrote


ResponsibleDealer749 t1_j1ue12l wrote

Not interested, prefer reality. reality is simple, if a farmer can grow tons of food using a normal fertilizers, they would have done it many times over.


53eleven t1_j1uikct wrote

You realize what you’re calling reality is the myth, right? Farming in the “conventional” way is unsustainable. Full stop.


MrPicklePop t1_j1val39 wrote

It’s unsustainable, but now our population is unsustainable without industrial farming. It’s called a progress trap


53eleven t1_j1vjhtq wrote

It’s a myth that we can’t feed everyone without using “conventional” farming practices.

The only trap we’re in is a lack of creativity and will to do the things we need to do, the way they need to be done.