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alexxerth t1_izaauk4 wrote

That's roughly what this is. They grow the proteins using yeast instead of cows. The rest of milk could already be replicated, so this was the last piece of the puzzle... Sort of.

It still doesn't have lactose, but as far as I can tell that's an intentional choice so people with lactose intolerance can drink it still. Shouldn't effect anything other than making it slightly sweeter if they don't offset the sugar content.


[deleted] t1_izadeyi wrote

I see. Boy, food is going to probably be very weird in a few centuries. At first, we're going to try to replicate all of the natural foods we're familiar with. But as we grow more disconnected from natural food over time, I imagine people will become increasingly open to lab foods that don't resemble anything found in nature. I see this evolution concluding with fantastical, extremely addicting foodstuffs that will share only a faint resemblance to what we eat today.

We'll live in virtual worlds and eat synthetic food and own nothing, and we'll love it!


alexxerth t1_izadvm2 wrote

I'd argue jello and marshmallows are pretty close to that already.


[deleted] t1_izb5wcs wrote

Good point, although jello is actually just an industrialized evolution of entirely natural dishes such as aspic. In fact, when people now say folks were crazy for putting meat in jello back in the 1950s, what they don't realizes is that those '50s recipes were just emulating what European aristocrats had been enjoying for centuries. It wasn't some wacky idea that popped up out of nowhere.


Just_wanna_talk t1_izdfim8 wrote

Wait so they can get rid of lactose and reduce sugar content? Sounds like a win win.