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zuzg t1_izafvxw wrote

Only thing that bothers me about vegan options is that it's most of the time still more expensive than the non-vegan options.
We really need to get rid of all the subsidizes on animal products, it's such a waste of tax money.


mini_galaxy t1_izahq3s wrote

It's not entirely subsidies, though those are quite a problem, it's also that these are still relatively low volume items with an uncertain market size. As vegan options become more widely used and more widely known to be delicious the costs will adjust themselves.


opulent_occamy t1_izbgeun wrote

Exactly, it's a matter of efficiency and scale. idk much about vegan stuff, but from what I know about lab grown, it will come down in price as technology improves and scale increases. We'll get there, it just takes time.


shaneh445 t1_izbzgat wrote

>the costs will adjust themselves

Overly confident corporations that barely get a wrist slap nowadays for price gouging/inducing inflation may feel differently about that.


Just_wanna_talk t1_izdfblv wrote

And then farmers will complain that their market share is shrinking and they need more subsidies to keep prices low.


InformationDelivery t1_izbthz6 wrote

I imagine we have the subsidies in order to keep farmers afloat. I wonder what a valid solution to that problem would be.


PallandoOrome t1_izd0mf8 wrote

the same subsidies for companies that are making non-animal-based foods


InformationDelivery t1_izd3emk wrote

You misunderstood. I'm asking how do we help the farmers who are bought into cattle and have no out?

Edit: weird that this comment is downvoted but not the other one.


PallandoOrome t1_izglbbj wrote

the same way, there's always an out, they don't need to be owned by Monsanto and other huge corporate agroindustry companies


fix-all-the-things t1_izcbgxo wrote

That's definitely the solution. Use politicians and regulation to force others to follow your own personal beliefs. Where have we seen that before?

Those subsidies exist for a lot of very good and very valid reasons.

This is why so many people hate vegans. You're no different than evangelicals who ram their beliefs onto others using the law and regulation. While it would be helpful to reduce the consumption of 1 or 2 types of meat of the many types of meat that exist, completely giving it up is an extremist belief that is nowhere near necessary.


zuzg t1_izcdqh2 wrote

I eat meat you ignorant Spatula but I'm also educated about the topic and only eat it every once in a while.
The current Form of livestock farming is unsustainable in literally every way and it would be blatantly obvious if we didn't waste taxes on making it cheap.

>Those subsidies exist for a lot of very good and very valid reasons

Literally only one reason corruption lobbyism. There's no other reason behind it.