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mini_galaxy t1_izahq3s wrote

It's not entirely subsidies, though those are quite a problem, it's also that these are still relatively low volume items with an uncertain market size. As vegan options become more widely used and more widely known to be delicious the costs will adjust themselves.


opulent_occamy t1_izbgeun wrote

Exactly, it's a matter of efficiency and scale. idk much about vegan stuff, but from what I know about lab grown, it will come down in price as technology improves and scale increases. We'll get there, it just takes time.


shaneh445 t1_izbzgat wrote

>the costs will adjust themselves

Overly confident corporations that barely get a wrist slap nowadays for price gouging/inducing inflation may feel differently about that.


Just_wanna_talk t1_izdfblv wrote

And then farmers will complain that their market share is shrinking and they need more subsidies to keep prices low.