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Scarlet109 t1_j1r4i8a wrote

Fun fact: Polar bears are one of the few animals that actively hunt and consume humans. If a polar bear is hunting you, by the time you see it, your life has pretty much already ended.


JaegerDread t1_j1rxuy2 wrote

Unless you have a gun. A big fucking gun. That would up your chances.


Scarlet109 t1_j1rz952 wrote

Polar bears have very thick skin and unless you get a headshot, you are unlikely to do anything more than piss it off.


JaegerDread t1_j1s1ry7 wrote

There is no way it's a taking a .50cal like nothing.


Scarlet109 t1_j1s6xg9 wrote

Ok but how many people casually exploring the arctic carry a strap that serious?


HchrisH t1_j1sa7h9 wrote

Polar bears are also capable of producing offspring with grizzly bears.

Wake up people, this is your last chance to fight climate change before the polar bears move south and breed an unstoppable grolar bear army!


Scarlet109 t1_j1sccj5 wrote

Either would be a pizzly or a grolar, depending on which parent was which species