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Willow-girl t1_j1qzfwd wrote

Hold on a sec. Are the bears dying, or just going somewhere else?


BetterLivingThru t1_j1r6a8e wrote

Mostly they're starving to death, you see alot of photos of them emaciated up around Churchill. There are usually already bear populations present in the regions that can still better support polar bears, the bears hang around in their regions during the summer and wait for the sea ice where they can hunt seals, and burn their fat reserves in order to live. They don't naturally migrate giant distances like caribou, they keep still and try to conserve energy.


[deleted] t1_j1tjga4 wrote

where will they go?


Willow-girl t1_j1u1w6r wrote

I don't know. But the article alludes to the possibility:

>And while it's possible some bears may have moved,


Mildly_Irritated_Max t1_j1py050 wrote

No doubt. From personal experience it's been a good decade plus since I walked into The Bay and saw a polar bear mauling somebody.


Scarlet109 t1_j1r4i8a wrote

Fun fact: Polar bears are one of the few animals that actively hunt and consume humans. If a polar bear is hunting you, by the time you see it, your life has pretty much already ended.


JaegerDread t1_j1rxuy2 wrote

Unless you have a gun. A big fucking gun. That would up your chances.


Scarlet109 t1_j1rz952 wrote

Polar bears have very thick skin and unless you get a headshot, you are unlikely to do anything more than piss it off.


JaegerDread t1_j1s1ry7 wrote

There is no way it's a taking a .50cal like nothing.


Scarlet109 t1_j1s6xg9 wrote

Ok but how many people casually exploring the arctic carry a strap that serious?


HchrisH t1_j1sa7h9 wrote

Polar bears are also capable of producing offspring with grizzly bears.

Wake up people, this is your last chance to fight climate change before the polar bears move south and breed an unstoppable grolar bear army!


Scarlet109 t1_j1sccj5 wrote

Either would be a pizzly or a grolar, depending on which parent was which species


thredzboy t1_j1spl7h wrote

I read something earlier this month that said the population was on the incline over the last few decades, stating the dangers of living in churchill. Someone is full of shit. Anyone else see that report.


CarBombtheDestroyer t1_j1tt2et wrote

So I believe there are more areas with an incline than a decline which makes them both correct but this headline is a little misleading.


RODjij t1_j1s88lx wrote

It's been a very mild and wet winter so far in the Canadian Atlantic with only one snow storm here so far. Have to wonder how different it's been there.


FuturologyBot t1_j1pvfad wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/thebelsnickle1991:

Submission statement*

Canada's Western Hudson Bay polar bear population has fallen 27% in just five years, according to a government report released this week, suggesting climate change is impacting the animals.

Every autumn, the bears living along the western edge of the Bay pass through the sub-Arctic tourist town of Churchill, Manitoba, as they return to the sea ice. This has made the population not only the best studied group in the world, but also the most famous, with the local bear-viewing economy valued at C$7.2 million ($5.30 million) annually.

However, the Government of Nunavut's assessment finds that just 618 bears remained in 2021 - a roughly 50% drop from the 1980s.

Please reply to OP's comment here:


papparmane t1_j1s2rne wrote

I did not even know that Hudon Bay company had its own polar bears.


itsajokechillbill t1_j1s6tp8 wrote

Thats impossible, i hear climate change uis a hoax


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SapientRaccoon t1_j1pz1nq wrote

Are "Natives" still allowed to profit from their deaths in the name of disgusting, obsolete "culture"? Maybe it's time to stop the racist special dispensation, then.


Tribe303 t1_j1qk290 wrote

Racist pricks like you can fuck right off.


SapientRaccoon t1_j1qzc8o wrote

Hunting culture can die in the same historical dumpster as slaver cultures.


AKBonesaw t1_j1rz4sj wrote

You’re a human animal that hunts. Check your incisors.


F0rtysxity t1_j1u0znu wrote

If man had stayed as hunters and never developed agriculture very few of the current world problems including mass extinction would be occurring. Just not certain on what side you are on.


Important_Coffee6117 t1_j1x7xqh wrote

Loud mouth racist piece of shit thats all you are, people like you have taken away our lineage, the culture and heritage of our people and now whiteman wants to take this away as well? Like they've taken everything else from us?! you could go fuck yourself


Driadek t1_j1qhjzf wrote

Polar bears have the most extreme environments and most scarce food supply of all bears, and most predators. Many factors go into their population numbers. We are not in a global warming, but instead, we are clearly in a global cooling cycle. The exact opposite that Leftist-corrupted scientists are reporting to us. Find a new excuse.


everestsam98 t1_j1qwbwr wrote

For a start, nothing hunts polar bears. Secondly, the length of time per year that Hudson Bay is ice free has significantly increased per year due to higher sea temperatures..because of global warming. Polar bears hunt on ice. Get your head out your ass


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greenconsumer t1_j1qzerz wrote

Why do I fee like a circus somewhere is missing their clown?


Driadek t1_j1qzyhn wrote

I know. The guy argued shit I didn't even say and dozens of people are reading an article that draws a conclusion without any evidence of that conclusion. Not a single fact of global warming included. It's just a story of doom and gloom yall love to hear.


bravelittletoestir t1_j1r6iq3 wrote

Your faith in your own (lack of) intelligence is both alarming and comical. You've buried your head, shoulders, knees and toes into the sand.


everestsam98 t1_j1r5zs3 wrote

Your obvious lack of critical thinking made me assume that you maybe didn't know how food chains worked. My bad. Why am I not surprised by your covid beliefs. Not going to waste any more time here hahaha


Driadek t1_j1r6jdp wrote

To be clear: actually thinking about a situation is lack of critical thinking. So accepting an article that is void of facts except for population numbers of a single species of a diverse region is critical thinking? Correct me if I'm wrong there. In that case, a lack of critical thinking is superior.


notabiologist t1_j1s7q94 wrote

Questioning things that you could easily fact check: i.e. what has been the temperature change since the industrial revolution. What is the greenhouse effect and how do carbon emissions increase global temperature? Is not critical thinking.

You want to know why an article about polar bear decline is not talking about the proof for climate change? Because it has already been established. You can easily find information about it. People learn this in high school.

Critical thinking is asking critical questions, searching for answers and listening to them. There is nothing critical in your thinking, it’s the opposite. Nah, it’s not even thinking. You just repeat the same old ‘questions’ over and over again, questions that have been answered with books full of evidence and processes.

I’m so done with people like you. You sit their all smug pretending to be critical lone wolves while al you do is ask ridiculously simple questions that have been answered decades ago. You don’t do any serious research and even though you ask questions you will never care to listen to an answer because: ‘urrr I can’t trust science, so I’ll listen to the propaganda wheel that’s called FOXnews or fallen professors in psychology who have no expertise in climate change because they say what I feel is true’. Then you call other people pawns, while you so clearly have been spoon fed misinformation produced by right wing think tanks sponsored by oil companies and educated narcissists who forget that being knowledgeable in one field doesn’t make you an expert in others.

Look; if you’d really cared to listen to answers by the questions you pose, nobody would mind that you’re asking questions a 13 year old could answer, but since you’re so inclined to just believe what you feel should be right nobody will ever take you seriously. What was it again? Facts don’t care about your feelings? That’s true, they absolutely don’t, so get fucked you fucking idiot.


[deleted] t1_j1r9f1e wrote



Driadek t1_j1r9yg3 wrote

I'm a liberal and sexual preferences are supposed to be protected in the Leftist community.


bravelittletoestir t1_j1rai30 wrote

You can definitely do you here, bud. Seems like you're well used to it already.


notabiologist t1_j1s4wa4 wrote

Sure, all climate and polar scientists are wrong… In reality the arctic is warming at 3-4 times the global average, but whatever, people like you don’t want to listen to science so I don’t know why I would bother. If you want to join the rest of the world back in reality, start listening to what experts say about things in their respective fields. If you want to make some big claims about things that you clearly know nothing about you’d better become an expert yourself, or else you’re just going to expose yourself as a gullible fool who has ‘done his research’ relying on a youtube algorithm and boomer facebook-memes.


Muskist_Fascism t1_j1sheo7 wrote

>We are not in a global warming, but instead, we are clearly in a global cooling cycle.

Wrong. The ice caps are melting. Sea levels are rising. The global mean surface temperature is rising. It's clearly global warming.


fungussa t1_j1thtm4 wrote

> clearly in a global cooling cycle

No, you're merely trying to deny incontrovertible science.