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Deyln t1_izenr5p wrote

Don't forget that wireless is one of the useful ones which separating data traffic is of use. Offload from the net at no extra cost as opposed to charging for the service.

This would allow for different bandwidths and some usage of mesh webs from Windows to Windows down the street.

Which in turn can be used for security. Your window notices a void on transmission and pings your community video camera to focus on that genre area and to store some video. (Been a few years since I last saw an update on this one making it outside the lab.)


CelticGaelic t1_izia1ph wrote

It seems to me this will also bring other meanings to the ever notorious phrase "Windows has stopped working"


Deyln t1_izl0pdq wrote

Yep. I was thinking more that it'd allow for a better/multiple viewing angles for porch pirates.