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darkened-foxes OP t1_j1ez8ti wrote

A great development for drug manufacturers. Organ chips and other human-relevant technology like 3d organoids are the future of medicine. Companies like emulate are leading the charge in this technology, and I hope with the passage of this law more focus and funding is given to these models.


ReelWatt t1_j1f2nbc wrote

Yes, this is huge! It is going to allow for the medical industry to progress several times faster allowing therapies to reach people with far greater ease.

It will also lower the cost of clinical trials considerably, so much so that many abandoned drugs and devices may actually be revived because of lower-cost of entry.

There will be some time to make this shift but it will really advance the medical field.


hats_cats_muscrats t1_j1gkkhf wrote

Perfectly timed with the vagina-on-a-chip announcement


lunchboxultimate01 t1_j1gsh78 wrote

That's such a good example. Due to the name "organ on a chip" people often think these are purely some type of computer chip, when in reality they are small microfluidic devices containing live human cells.


genesiss23 t1_j1fgj20 wrote

It might not impact anything. The manufacturers will try to do studies which they can use in as many markets as possible. If the majority require animal models, they will use that.


gerkletoss t1_j1ftg6u wrote

The US is a market leader. Others will follow


MattyEC t1_j1hq13z wrote

Organoids are many decades away from being able to replicate whole systems well enough to supplant animal models, and I say that as someone who worked on an organoid system in his PhD, so I'm not sure how I feel about this regulation.