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cnnrduncan t1_j1gwc9l wrote

Because subjecting people (who may potentially be falsely convicted) to harmful medical testing is fucked up. There's a reason that the groups of Nazis and Imperial Japanese that experimented on unwilling subjects are considered to be some of the most fucked up parts of ww2.


[deleted] t1_j1gwtdq wrote



cnnrduncan t1_j1gxehg wrote

How about Elmer Jackson or the countless other black men that the yanks lynched after falsely accusing them of rape and other crimes?


Michiberto t1_j1gxkqf wrote

We could go all day about this. Your guilt shit trip is not convincing. Modern forensics. And you're bringing up crap that was done where there were none.


cnnrduncan t1_j1h0lxb wrote

Lmao how is it "guilt trip shit" to say that we maybe shouldn't be subjecting people to unconsentual medical experiments. You're on some fascist shit my dude.


Marston_vc t1_j1hd7nk wrote

Such bullshit. People get wrongfully convicted all the time even today. Use google more.