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Drakolyik t1_izl4v0f wrote

I mean I could secretly be an alien that has code in my DNA or hidden somewhere that's triggered by being in a certain position or environment or situation. If it's sophisticated enough I may simply be mimicking behavior in order to blend. I could also be generating a simulation and none of this is real, or this is a distant memory that my true self is viewing from another dimension.

Truth being that we'll never know 100% what existence is, but I do believe that reducing suffering in this reality is important, even if none of this ultimately matters, because subjectively to us as individuals, it does matter.


KasukeSadiki t1_j04j1ct wrote

I fully agree. These questions of consciousness are interesting, but, like many philosophical questions, after a certain point the answers don't actually have any bearing on how we live, or should live, our lives as we experience them.