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Corno4825 t1_izp372e wrote

What if we could put nano bots in our body to use the metal and plastic in our body to turn them into things that can be helpful for our bodies?


Velvet_Pop t1_izp9mgn wrote

Maybe we should start with having them remove the plastic before we get into MacGyver nanobots


BeoLabTech t1_izq6bd8 wrote

The MacGyver bots can do it, we just have to figure out how to get the bubblegum inside


MrMediaShill t1_izqh3iw wrote

I should have plenty still in reserves from all the times I swallowed it as a kid


Toweliee420 t1_izro8g8 wrote

It’s next to all those watermelon seeds


MrMediaShill t1_izsbrg6 wrote

Oh yeah I forgot about those… think the nano bots can use those too?


M00s3_B1t_my_Sister t1_izrcnlu wrote

Like replace the cartilage in worn out joints from metals and plastic that are already there? Where are the trials, I'll volunteer.