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[deleted] t1_j1rlvy5 wrote

These stupid AI used in recruiters is a disaster, maybe it works with very specific jobs, but it’s useless in tech.

Recruiters are telling people what to their resume just to get past the AI, and the n is up to the hiring managers to decipher those resumes, and figure out who to interviews.

I have seen some resumes for very qualified people who’s resume was completely useless, and it wasn’t because it was a shitty resume, it’s just how it needs to be done now.


bullettrain1 t1_j1uioq8 wrote

Are you referring to putting ‘keywords’ in resumes? Because that whole thing is a myth to sell resume enhancement and review services, the applications that handle uploaded resumes don’t actually consider those.


[deleted] t1_j25txlh wrote

It’s not when qualifies applicants need to include specific words just get past an AI