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BraveNewCurrency t1_j1vaoml wrote

This is the wrong solution.

There are hundreds of other things the AI can latch on to instead: males vs females write differently, they often have different hobbies, they sometimes take different classes, etc.

The problem is lazy people who want to have the computer magically pick "good people" from "bad people" when 1) the data is biased, 2) they are feeding the computer literally thousands of irrelevant data points, 3) nobody has ever proved that the data can actually differentiate.

What we need are more experiments to find ground truth. For example, Google did a study and found that people who went to college only had a slight advantage, and only for the first 6 months on the job. After that, they could find no difference.

If that researcher was studying thousands of irrelevant data points, that insight probably would have been lost in the noise.


cheapsexandfastfood t1_j22gqqu wrote

Seems like Google should be able to figure it out if anybody could.

They have enough resumes and enough employee review data to start with.