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MissMormie t1_j1vjasa wrote

Yes. So? Amazon isn't recruiting nobel prize winning physicists.

It also ignores the question if there has been any bias in getting more men in positions where they can win a nobel prize. In general, if you are a man you are more likely to be told to pursue physics. You are less likely to feel like an outsider in your class and so continue in that career. You are more likely to get picked as a teachers assistant. You are more likely to get picked for a phd spot. You are more likely to get grants. You are more likely to get a job at the right universities where you can actually do the science. You are more likely to be mentored on your professional skills then in how to improve your softskills. You are less likely to be 'promoted' out of the field. You are more likely to be hired as professor who guides phd students, hence getting your name on a lot more work. There's a thousands points where bias can and does play a role. No wonder nobel prize winners are mostly men. There's hardly any woman left in the field at that point.

Also, this bias was even worse in the past and most nobel prizes are handed out based on relatively old research. 2022's nobel prize in physics was awarded for research done in the 1990's. Looking at the birthdates of the nobel prize winners there's hardly any that were born after 1950, even those who won recently. Women in 1950 definitely did not have the same options as men to get into physics.

And even IF 99% of nobel prize winners in physics would still be men if the playing field is completely level. Then still do you not want an algorithm that's biased because it will make you miss that 1% woman that you do want to hire.