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Midori_Schaaf t1_j1h8ap5 wrote

Fusion, JWST, OrganEx, Flu vaccine, DART, AI Art, mRNA malaria vaccine, AI cancer drugs, human-rat hybrids, stem cell clones


TYLERvsBEER t1_j1hldb6 wrote

Great cast this year.


danteheehaw t1_j1hoqv6 wrote

I vote human rat hybrids as the winner and new king of the earth


RSwoon t1_j1kh26x wrote

“Some bioethicists are uneasy about the implications of putting human cells into rats. "It raises the possibility that you're creating an enhanced rat that might have cognitive capacities greater than an ordinary rat," said Julian Savulescu, a bioethicist at the National University of Singapore.”

Oh bioethicists, you have been slowing down the rat man for too long. Long live the real Cheese Heads.


StormNinjaPenguin t1_j1i1mzt wrote

> human-rat hybrid

The what??


lt_dan_zsu t1_j1irktr wrote

Rats where some cells in their brain are human cells. It will hopefully make studies in rate brains more translatable to humans.


Ebonicus t1_j1j4qx6 wrote

That seems very foolish to risk giving pestilence intelligence.


lt_dan_zsu t1_j1j6ojo wrote

Rats aren't pestilence, and they're still fundamentally rat brains.


ExternaJudgment t1_j1l13a4 wrote


This one was every year for last 30 years and it will be done in less than 20 years, again.


Agitated_Narwhal_92 t1_j1hndwz wrote

We may be curing cancer in our lifetimes...the entire definition of medicine is changing. What a time to be alive.


Daddy616 t1_j1j31nn wrote

Only way we will appreciate it is if a celebrity discovers it.

Not even trying to be cynical, but I've been becoming increasingly aware of the fact that complacency (the rot) has taken over majority control.

Humans as a whole do not want to be where we could be.

They want a low level hostile environment that they can navigate from their mobile device.

I know this is pretty on the nose knowledge but it seems fundaments reoccur steadily through knowledge and this is where I'm at right now.

Cheers to those who appreciate it.


ExternaJudgment t1_j1l1cpy wrote

>Humans as a whole do not want to be where we could be.

Which is why I do not give half a fuck for those filthy wetware creatures.

As for myself, this flesh bag of life support for my processing unit is certainly not my final form, will replace this shit ASAP if not for anything else just for security reasons alone makes going synthetic worth it.


geek66 t1_j1ijcb0 wrote

I generally say nay on the fusion thing, a great mile stone but this is a painfully slow evolution of tech and not a real breakthrough.

I want to make the distinction because fusion IS an incredibly important tech, but publicity as a breakthrough leads people to believe this is much closer than it is.

Basically … when tech news leads people to believe that Tech will save us from GW and not require us to dramatically change our behaviors, well… drives me nuts.


blueSGL t1_j1j3ypk wrote

it's not 'us' that need to change behaviors, it's corporations.

you can either run around the sprinkler trying to stop every drop from hitting the ground or turn off the tap.

Also the fusion announcement is good. It shows it can work, will increase the spending towards getting a usable product.

Hell the design tested was not even that useful for extracting energy even if they got it pulling more 'from the wall'. There are designs that will allow for easy extraction and now they know it's possible.


iuytrefdgh436yujhe2 t1_j1j40r6 wrote

Researchers also believe it is a significant breakthrough, though. Of course there's still a long way to go in development and viability overall. But this isn't a case of the news just saying some shit to get clicks. Experts are excited about this development, too.


radicalceleryjuice t1_j1ix250 wrote

Agreed, the misinformation that is spreading about the fusion milestone is painful. (EDIT: “misinformation” may not be the right term. “Misleading sensationalism” is probably more accurate. Suggestions?


NewDad907 t1_j1j8fx4 wrote

They pulled in better marketing and PR this time around.


geek66 t1_j1jwl3m wrote

I would not call it misinformation as over-hype.


radicalceleryjuice t1_j1jx48v wrote

Fair. Yeah, maybe misinformation is more intentional. But it’s not just over-hype either. It’s misleading sensationalism.


lt_dan_zsu t1_j1ixenf wrote

Especially when you learn that all the news was talking about the energy output by the lasers, not the energy input. The lasers have an efficiency of 1%, which means the lasers used 200 megajoules of energy to generate 3 megajoules of fusion energy... which is significantly less impressive the 2 megajoules in for 3 megajoules out to say the least.


goldork t1_j1hhvbf wrote

So the organex solution will revive dead people, but like a brain dead or vegetative state? Working organs, beating hearts and all? For the purpose of transplant. Interesting.


Turtledonuts t1_j1ioemt wrote

a braindead person has had their brain tissue destroyed. Organex promises to preserve or restore organ function, but its unlikely that you can revive brain tissue.

Its really just an extra effective version of a ventilator - tons of promise, but not going to bring dead people back to life without consequences.


ArkieRN t1_j1jb1jf wrote

Most people who die aren’t candidates for organ donation because their hearts stopped beating and no oxygen got to the organs so they shut down.

Unless they were breaking dead but still had breathing and a heartbeat or they were placed on a ventilator prior to death, they organs are no good.

Using this method, people who die unexpectedly can then be placed on a ventilator and have their hearts made to beat until the organs can be harvested.

Considering how very many people die each year waiting on the transplant list (17 people each day in the US), this is amazing!


coroff532 t1_j1jszod wrote

Honestly so much happened in 2022. Good year for science


FuturologyBot t1_j1h527r wrote

The following submission statement was provided by /u/tonymmorley:

From new vaccines to fight malaria to new advancements in cancer treatments, and from a universal flu vaccine to the James Webb Space Telescope — here are "the 10 biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2022 from The Week 🌌

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gastrocraft t1_j1j608v wrote

They also basically cured chronic obesity with this new drug called Mounjaro. It’s amazing.


90DollarStaffMeal t1_j1kwgra wrote

I genuinely don't know why chatGPT isn't at the absolute top of this list


Gotisdabest t1_j1lb0xo wrote

I'd guess it's because it's extremely niche even now. It's not legacy tech finally showing signs of life like fusion, and it can't exactly do anything particularly revolutionary, despite being able to a lot of things at a medium-high level(for example, it can code but GitHub copilot already exists, and it's conversational skills are fairly limited). I would be surprised if GPT 4 or at worst 5 don't get massive representation though.