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chriscov t1_j1ptqt8 wrote

Some of the latest research suggests that we could be heading for 10C warming even if emissions stopped tomorrow. To get this under control we'd likely need to remove 1 trillion tonnes of carbon from atmosphere by 2050, 2040 if we want to be safe.


Surur t1_j1pttyk wrote

Or you know, do this sulphur thing. Or 10 other things we can do due to technology.

The main thing holding us back is other people, not technical practicality.


chriscov t1_j1pu0uc wrote

"This sulphur thing"?? I don't recall reading that academic paper.


Surur t1_j1puor8 wrote

So you are not really informed then.

Makes sense you are a doomer.


chriscov t1_j1putoy wrote

Maybe not, or maybe you're not conveying what you're talking about clearly enough.


Surur t1_j1pv15v wrote


chriscov t1_j1pvcul wrote

Yeah, the thing about climate engineering is that a lot of it is science fiction, or may have unintended consequences. Cloud seeding for example, may make things worse, or drive wars, we just don't know. It's all a lot more complicated that saying "technology will fix it"... as technology usually makes things worse.... that's the point iv was making.


Surur t1_j1pvlyx wrote

> as technology usually makes things worse

That is an incredibly bizarre point of view lol.

I could waste a lot of time, but I will just zoom right to the end - one day humans will be completely divorced from nature, and we will be sustained just by technology.


chriscov t1_j1pwht5 wrote

I don't dispute that being a possibility, but at the current rate its a lot more likelywe'll cause our extinction long before we get to that point.


Surur t1_j1pwnus wrote

Necessity is the mother of invention.