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Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j20az0u wrote

One of my ex boyfriends was Russian: a literal refugee who fled to America after his father literally tried to murder him.

I would say all of Putin's power is based on racism and chauvinism. He's got the people thinking Russian is a race and got them pretending nationalism is something other than just plain old racism.

The world definitely needs more women leaders because chauvinism is just toxic masculinity in politics; oh it's right for him to use protecting others as excuse to be violent because that "what men do".

Maybe he doesn't literally murder gays but he murders political adversaries because he's just an evil king who's got people too depressed to ban behind an adversary who could defeat him.

America has too many freedoms. The fools here are all armed to the teeth with way too many guns and thinking the right to kill is more important than the right to live. The country of idealized vigilante justice and realized mass murder.

Too depressed for activism is not unique to Russia; here we just accept monthly school shootings as the norm because big money politics is more interested in gun sales than the safety of school children.


Jack04trades t1_j22gsv8 wrote

Im aftaid women leaders in politics aint much better. We had one women leader in Yakutsk, first year she eas doing very well her name is Sardana Sarkisyan. But after that ahe showed her true face. Since she was from the same politic party as most of our politics (Edinaya Rossiya, pronounced as Russia as One), she didn't care about people after getting some advertising. Even in her city where she was a major, people noticed that she did nothing of what she promised to. Its highly depend on a human as a creature itself. For about evil king, and shooting in your schools, i do agree.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j22l8ek wrote

Generally women are better than men, but they are people too; they can also be petty tyrants who abuse power.


Jack04trades t1_j22p9dd wrote

Its arguable, depends on the case you want to solve.