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Cognitive_Spoon t1_j1vt7mt wrote

Themed days would help.

Sunday = cheating death
Monday-Tue = human enhancement
Wed-Thur = philosophy of transhumanism
Fri = pics of cats, obviously
Saturday = backgammon


MRSN4P t1_j1w1ubi wrote

Ahem. Cats are for Caturday, you barbarian. /s
Also, how about enhancement Monday, philosophy Tues-Wed, cheating death Friday?


ParadigmTheorem t1_j1xf3q3 wrote

Okay but for the love of science can we skip musk Mondays? The controversy surrounding capitalist swine has become rather Elongated and I'm over it.


FringeCloudDenier t1_j1xiq2t wrote

I don't know if this constitutes adding to the conversation, but I deleted Twitter from my phone a few days ago, and I'm experiencing far less annoyance and existential dread than usual! Still too early to tell if this is a causal connection or corollary, but I have to say: that app and its bullfrog overlord and its increasing population of irrational, reactionary, far-right droolers made leaving very easy, so I have to believe there is some truth to the idea that disconnecting from that online arena (and moving away from incessant discussion of it) has positive effects.


ParadigmTheorem t1_j1xk8wg wrote

Oh, for sure it has positive effects. I deactivated my Facebook a while ago for the same reason. I’ve never actually had Twitter notifications and I don’t really use it for anything so that was never a problem. Mostly I’m reading about it in the news and for the last few years, Elon musk, fanboys have really taken over this particular sub, however, it seems to have quieted down significantly, since it became more and more obvious that he’s as much of a right wing capitalist as a lot of the more, aware, let’s say of us have been saying all along.

There is, however, that fine line between doing what’s good for your mental health and burying your head in the sand well, the boots of the authoritarian fascist regimes bring the world to its knees. Pretty much we have to just pick our battles, and in my case I focus more as much as possible in recent years as I get older on what things I can do to help and make positive changes that will naturally make the bad things go away rather than spending my life angry at the things that already suck. It helps keep me in a better mindset in general, and I feel like the changes I make her more meaningful rather than playing whack-a-mole with the evils of the world.


TtK_Thanatos t1_j1wdewu wrote

Yeah! All these brain/computer posts are taking away from seeing my daily 300 generic AI posts clogging my Home feed for the past few weeks!


vinayd t1_j1xsgx4 wrote

I feel like there’s been an influx of jaded Qanon types looking for a new messiah - here and in r/singularity


Chemical_Doughnut248 t1_j20bfbb wrote

The 5g chips in the vaccine is keep your meat and computer consciousnesses synchronized!


RoundCollection4196 t1_j1xo41n wrote

we havent even cracked the hard problem of consciousness and people be thinking they can upload their mind to computers. Most likely such a thing isn't even physically possible at all.


A-Real-Jedi t1_j1xsy8w wrote

Or at least the matrix lets you believe that, but I would be pissing off another commentator who asks in other comments if you all could cut out the “we are already living in the matrix” conversations. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


DeuceHorn t1_j1xpikf wrote

Can someone explain to me how that counts as eternal life? A copy of me isn’t the equivalent of me existing. I wouldn’t be experiencing eternal life.


TsoTsoni t1_j1wknwy wrote

Eternal life = eternal suffering. I, for one, find my inevitable demise comforting.


Sys32768 t1_j1yng3z wrote

>I, for one, find my inevitable demise comforting.

I liie this. I've got a good life, but it is comforting to know it will end. Imagine an enternity of suffering


SunChipMan t1_j1wpv5v wrote

Kinda dark, but I don't disagree


TsoTsoni t1_j1x1m12 wrote

I don't think it's dark at all. It's just rational. I'm not looking forward to it, but I accept it as inevitable. Life in perpetuity? That's unnatural.


Agent101g t1_j1zvzsq wrote

Never understood this. Forever just means you keep waking up how is that scary in the slightest.


muaru1 t1_j21229r wrote

Yes yes, and I’m sure the people of thousands of years ago found their average death at 13 years old comfortable, or even a few hundred years ago, their death at 40 comfortable. We are already living unnatural existences. I should not even have survived past one year old. Is that an aberration? Yep, sure is, “unnatural” as you say. Do I care? Nope. I suppose if life is unending suffering for you that you have more going on internally than a lot of others. I for one am content to be alive, and wish to continue to be so until I see fit.


TsoTsoni t1_j21d8mn wrote

Nope, my life is comfy. But suffering is an inherent aspect of existence. Imagining you can "see fit" to control if and when your life ends doesn't align with how reality functions. I would argue that the only thing that gives life itself meaning is the fact that it has a termination point. What's the point of getting out of bed when there is always an eternal stretch of tomorrows to 'look forward to' ? I've never known an old timer who did not accept their passing with open arms when their time came. I'm just not interested in participating in an imaginary pursuit of everlasting life. The tree of everlasting life bore the other forbidden fruit in the garden of eden...Adam and Eve never ate from that tree. Even our mythology warns against this pursuit. The pursuit to end human death and suffering will only result in more suffering.


muaru1 t1_j21eanu wrote

An appeal to nature is not a good justification for not changing how society operates. Many technological and social revolutions have occurred that significantly changed how life operated for the majority of society. Electric lights alone completely changed the way society operates. Humans then would have questioned, “how does people staying up later positively benefit us as a species? It’s better to go to sleep with the sun,” and they were wrong. Computers and the internet are another one of these major changes. Along with antibiotics, the advent of fast travel, rights for women, etc.

The delay or lack of aging will merely be another one of these drastic shifts in how society operates and how we love our lives. It is not our place to say “this is where this technology should stop advancing because it is unnatural” anymore than any of the aforementioned revolutions are.


TsoTsoni t1_j21gj0r wrote

We are not talking about anti aging or nootropics, or telomeres... we're talking about immortality. That would be the literal end of humanity. Do you think this new gift, if achieved, would be equally shared among all people? Or just the influential or wealthy? We both know the answer because it's rhetorical question. Now those lives that are not eternal, based on our history, would end up serving to sustain those lucky few who will never know a natural death. Count me out.


muaru1 t1_j21gyhf wrote

It’s impossible to judge how it will be implemented just as it was impossible to judge for previous humans what the effects of the printing press, antibiotics, etc. would be going forward. Future society will operate by entirely different paradigms than what we are accustomed to now. It is highly possible that in a dwindlingly populated word with negative replacement rates that immortality is seen as the solution. In fact, based on trends, I would say this is a likely reality, given that it is possible to begin with.


TsoTsoni t1_j21p12z wrote

Ok well if it's a conversation about social justice and the future of equality and all the good things we can strive for, I'll bite and accept that it would be grand for all humans to live forever, zooming through the stars in benevolent brotherhood and sisterhood.
For now, humans continue to exploit their environment and each other for personal gain. Our history does not indicate a drastic shift in this trajectory any time soon. If we can actually learn to live in love, then maybe you're right. I am confident in my opinion that we're too immature, collectively, to even consider immortality as having a generally beneficial effect on our species.


themuntik t1_j1wz3zh wrote

you forgot about those stupid, "Are we living in the Matrix?" posts.


Freethinkwrongspeech t1_j1z1r5h wrote

It doesn't even make any sense outside of a philosophical conversation about consciousness.

"Uploading your brain" would essentially be a copy of your brain. There'd be no reason you couldn't just do this and live to tell the tale, and you'd quickly realize you don't experience uploaded you. Either proving consciousness or some other force being what "you" really are.

Hell, you could create a 100% accurate clone of yourself and when you die you die. You don't get to experience clone you.

Consciousness isn't as arbitrary as some people would like to believe.


Alienmetal t1_j1whyhb wrote

Most of humanity can’t even figure out email. Just wait till AI is available for all.


tommy0guns t1_j1xzcyi wrote

What if the posts are small bits of input to store an entire brain? 0001101100010


midge_rat t1_j1zy3al wrote

Sounds like something someone's uploaded consciousness would say. >_>


demoran t1_j1xwtbm wrote

Just what I need, another post about stopping people from making posts.


promixr t1_j1yr0kh wrote

Reddit is the computer that I’m uploading my brain to …


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_j1z2x0c wrote

I’m surprised you’re not complaining about the plethora of AI stuff as well.


No_Bet_1687 t1_j202n3l wrote

Trying to keep the secrets of eternal life to yourself!


Hoosier_Ken t1_j208jfc wrote

I think that it might be possible for an AI to create an imitation of a person based upon what is known about them but I really don't think that there will ever be a clone of one's memories or experiences. At best it will be a pretty good imitation though I don't think that it would actually be considered conscious. That's not nearly the same thing as eternal life. I guess maybe more like what you get at the Spirit Tree in Avatar or the Holodeck in Star Trek


Agent101g t1_j1zw2vg wrote

Can we limit posts complaining about other posts maybe link them together


mostoriginalname2 t1_j1wwg5w wrote

For the sake of preventing fates worse than death, I agree with this move.

There’s probably already technology existent somehow made to rescue psyches damned in this manner. Who knows how that may work, but maybe it’s already something that has a noticeable effect on our perception of reality.


chameleondoesitagain t1_j1wpwyf wrote

And why dont people even bother to look beyond the posts etc? since most are just gov bots spreading propaganda. No more such thing as a open a free social network.... 95% of the articles posted and there for a reason and that is to infect your brain./


Shelfrock77 t1_j1wjcwf wrote

“By 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy”

We will be lucid dreaming in the metaverse. Automation will kill human labor and medicine will advance exponentially with the help of AI. The porn industry will make the detroit become human/cyberpunk 2077 concept a reality by putting exoskeletons inside sex dolls and GPT-4 computers inside their heads. The technological rapture is coming full speed ahead ! Can’t stop innovation ! The 4th industrial revolution is underway !