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vorpal_potato t1_j2erw46 wrote

TSMC is claiming that their 3nm process uses 20-30% less power than a comparable chip made with their 5 nm process, and they've got a version bump in progress which they say will use only half as much power as a 5 nm chip with equal performance. Pretty consistently the sub-10nm processes have delivered better power efficiency in practice, which is the opposite of what you said. (Maybe you meant to make some more nuanced point about e.g. dynamic current vs. leakage current?)

Also, that's not even remotely why Apple switched from Intel chips to their own. They switched because Apple had managed to beat Intel at microarchitecture, the way the chip works inside. The instruction set doesn't really make much difference except in the instruction decoding portion, which isn't that big a part of the chip these days. The RISC/CISC distinction used to be real, but now it's as outdated as falconry and fax machines.