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RoyalCrown-cola t1_j1nmpcu wrote

The first post wasn't really xenophobic cause there are legitimate reasons not to trust the CCP at face value, but this post definitely was. It's just baseless fear mongering.


pressedbread t1_j1nvxqc wrote

Xenophobia is a weird way to frame this, I hope that this person isn't simply upset that china exists wtf. China is an amazing country!

Chinese Communist Party is about as shady as America's CIA. So I'd just be watchful based on what we have seen in the past. Another country with a world-class military industrial complex.

Anyway, any pure science research which will be significant with space travel will create new scientific knowledge that could be used to make new medicines or life-changing technology just as easily as other technology that creates more war and conflict on the home planet.

Science will always be in tension with creation and destruction.


RoyalCrown-cola t1_j1o2wie wrote

I hope so too.

The problem I see in alot of posts in not just this sub but in other similar subreddits like r/space and rNASA, that any time there is a post about the Chinese Space Program (or anything really related to China) there is a flood of very sinophobic rhetoric that kind of just derails the discussion from the original topic. You can criticize and voice your concerns about one thing and still be able to acknowledge that something was done right or they are doing something cool on another. It seems people have trouble separating their feelings towards the CCP versus basically anything else that has to do with China.


skraddleboop t1_j1ophel wrote

> Chinese Communist Party is about as shady as America's CIA.

CCP bot says what?

Last I checked, the CIA wasn't doing "gain of function" research and releasing pandemics on the world, nor committing genocide nor getting rich off slave labor.


BoopityBoopi t1_j1nmz3j wrote

The way they run their country (social credit system and treatment of political dissidents) and the now-confirmed slave labour camps have China approaching Nazi Germany territory. Holy crap this sub is blindingly optimistic. I guess if we ever meet in a refugee camp in the future you can tell me I was right.


Zemirolha t1_j1o7u4c wrote

If you live in US and you are poor, you have some chance facing forced work on prision or being killed by state too.


BoopityBoopi t1_j1ofd5v wrote

It’s Christmas so I’m going to remain civil but are we seriously comparing levels of freedom between China and the US?


Zemirolha t1_j1wqua5 wrote

they keep improving


BoopityBoopi t1_j1wvp17 wrote

The lives and rights of Black people in the US keep improving? Definitely. The lives and rights of Chinese people in China? Nosediving


Zemirolha t1_j1zcgip wrote


BoopityBoopi t1_j205h54 wrote

Not Faith, facts. Life expectancy is low in the US because people eat garbage food and don’t take care of themselves willingly. Spoiler alert: I don’t even live in the US and with all the gun violence and mental health issues, I don’t really want to visit anytime soon so you’ve got it wrong if you think I’m an American that is out here touting how awesome the US is versus China. China’s problems are deep rooted and very difficult to deal with, similar to places like Africa and Russia. Political and religious freedom Is very important to me and others. At least in democratic countries you can see a path to improvement, but in places where the government is corrupt top to bottom and people are being imprisoned for their thoughts, it’s hard to imagine how to improve it without a bloody revolution.


gayporNNNN t1_j1ohgtv wrote

the black population have it much worse than the uighurs, feels bad man.


OutOfBananaException t1_j1pcdjg wrote

Can you cite any legal challenges made by Uighurs in China? This is one of the core issues, when someone is mistreated there appears to be no recourse, or even the facade of recourse. Lawyers have faced punishment for even challenging the state.


BoopityBoopi t1_j1ru7dw wrote

He isn’t going to cite anything, he’s already gone into the wind because the booze wore off I guess. How the hell do he consider the residuals of black slavery in the US worse than actual communist rule with giant concentration camps? What a zero.


BoopityBoopi t1_j1oi2qa wrote

Ehhh well they have definitely had a rough ride but… Hard to compare it to 1,000,000+ in a labour camp. Open the hearing opposing viewpoint