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S3guy t1_j2535wz wrote

Well my point was, they made it accessible. Yeah, you can call it dumbing it down, but that is often what is required to bring new tech to the masses. Jobs (or at least his engineering team) were pretty good at figuring that out at the time. Sometimes that dumbing down feels unnecessary to tech people, but you gotta get the masses moving to push things forward. There is no big money in catering to the tech savvy. Its just like Facebooks Metaverse, they havent figured out how to make it palatable to the masses no matter how good the tech really is. Until they can do that, its going no where.


DopeDetective t1_j2540oc wrote

they dont sell to the masses though. they almost thrive on creating a class divide. they aren't accessible at all, they're expensive as fuck. they're a status symbol & I think that's the only reason people view them the way they do. they reslly dont do anything a cheaper android cant do. I dont understand whats so complicated about an android to people.