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bobkalonger t1_j16rzs6 wrote

What if it's the climate cycle AND humans are causing climate change so now it's going to be twice as bad?

Also, even if it were just a natural climate cycle, the Earth warming up by 2+ degrees is going to be a disaster. We're not even there yet and shit is getting bad. Many places on the planet will become uninhabitable to humans and those people who lived there will become climate refugees. If the Earth warms over 2 degrees, this WILL happen (is already happening) no matter whose fault it actually is.

I personally am of the mind that the "Earth" itself will be fine. The planet does go through some savage shit and is still there the next day. Arguments like the one you're making don't account that HUMANS are going to have a terrible time and might not make it. Stop saying the planet will be fine because WE HUMANS will not.

Stop spreading misinformation.