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ManiaGamine t1_j16nv1i wrote

Oh Ffs the idea of there being climate cycles and us causing real measurable harm are not mutually exclusive concepts and telling people to do their own research or come to their own conclusions by giving them videos where said conclusions are likely to be fed to them is just intellectual dishonesty.


Son_of_Blorko t1_j16o432 wrote


OP, you might get a better reception in /r/conspiracy


Vernons_Trinity t1_j16ojpw wrote

Someone drop a TL;DR for this 2+ hour video, I need to know if I’m a patient in this proposed insane asylum being mislead by people trying to make money.


whackamolasses t1_j16ok8f wrote

Doctors don’t want you to know this one secret to not being an asshat.


tadpohl1972 t1_j16op1j wrote

Bwhahahaha! The idea that some rando youtube video has the answers that no one else is talking about. Everyone wants to be in 'The Know' but I reject this video because it rejects well-established science without compelling evidence. (Rule 6)


Head-like-a-carp t1_j16pgpg wrote

Wow . Guy just comes out telling everyone they are stupid if they don't agree with him. That is the way to have informed discussion/s


kenjikazama t1_j16px6k wrote

I thought it was common knowledge that climate has always been changing. Climate change had a hand in indus valley civilization as well, it was also responsible for desertification, fossils of aquatic animals have been found in many regions that are now considered desert.


sonofagunn t1_j16pytm wrote

I wonder if climate scientists are aware of such information?

Of course they fucking are.


GuyRandolf t1_j16qcm8 wrote

TL;DR: Burning garbage creates a nice smokey smell in the bar before going into the sky and becoming stars.


tonsofsoul t1_j16qmz8 wrote

[said as Jeff Foxworthy]

If you think a 2 hour YouTube rant is equivalent to decades of detailed scientific might be a moron.

If you think climate scientists don't include historical climate cycles into their might be a moron.

If you think climate change is a nefarious might be a moron.


nomorebuttsplz t1_j16qy6v wrote

how to get stupid, insecure people to listen to you: begin with "this is an iq test"


aphasial t1_j16re92 wrote

Both 12K year cycles and the fact that the last ice age ended about 11,500 years ago are pretty well-accepted positions. In fact, this was a central aspect of the "global cooling" scare of the 1970s.

Long term, most of the climate change alarmism going on about the next century is alarmism that just so happens to align with a lot of left-wing political goals at the same time.

While conservation of hydrocarbons is something we should shoot for regardless, the simple fact is that humanity has to technology it's way out of any number of climate challenges in the centuries to come, and developing that tech should be the top priority over 98% of the current performative and virtue signaling behavior over AGW.


frightenedbabiespoo t1_j16renf wrote

Mods are sleeping. Time to post a vid of me pissing and drinking piss at the same time


subroyddit t1_j16rovo wrote

Also, it would be really important to remember that there weren’t 8 billion people trying to survive on earth 12000 years ago.


FangCopperscale t1_j16rsok wrote

Which oil company paid for this youtube research to “leak” out?


bobkalonger t1_j16rzs6 wrote

What if it's the climate cycle AND humans are causing climate change so now it's going to be twice as bad?

Also, even if it were just a natural climate cycle, the Earth warming up by 2+ degrees is going to be a disaster. We're not even there yet and shit is getting bad. Many places on the planet will become uninhabitable to humans and those people who lived there will become climate refugees. If the Earth warms over 2 degrees, this WILL happen (is already happening) no matter whose fault it actually is.

I personally am of the mind that the "Earth" itself will be fine. The planet does go through some savage shit and is still there the next day. Arguments like the one you're making don't account that HUMANS are going to have a terrible time and might not make it. Stop saying the planet will be fine because WE HUMANS will not.

Stop spreading misinformation.


Reasonable_Cover_804 t1_j16seul wrote

If only there were lakes carved by striations of mile high glaciers to use as basis for discussion. If only there were theory’s of the desalination of the Atlantic currents that will drastically change the weather. If only there were studies that showed the compaction of the earth as it recovers causing the fresh water lakes to recede. If only there were profits to be made in some other way than the climate change currently being focused on.


arkygeomojo t1_j16skzl wrote

Geologist here. It’s not a new concept that we’ve learned that the earth goes through climate cycles—often times on top of climate cycles, and the cycles are very well documented, explained by natural processes, and the records are pretty thorough and we know a lot of this stuff because of the study of stable isotopes.

One such example of that is Milankovitch Cycles. Those are on the order of about 100,000 years and they are changes in the orbit of the earth (orbit, axial tilt, and wobble) around the sun and are affected by other planets in the solar system. The orbit of earth goes from being nearly circular to elliptical.

And that’s just one example on the order of magnitude of every 100,000 years. But there are many others, and these are also very well documented and explained. The reason we’re in very big trouble with climate change is because even though we very well understand these cycles and the history of climate on earth, given these extensive records and regular cycles, the planet should be gradually cooling towards another ice age, but we are not—we’re getting warmer. This pattern falls outside the normal paradigm, and climate change is anthropogenic in nature (manmade; because of humans).

These cycles and shifts are not brand new information. What is pretty new is the fact that there’s too much excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, and unless we find a way to curb that behavior and sequester already existing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the hotter it will get and the harder to survive on this planet this will be.


Traditional-Ad3161 t1_j16sofy wrote

>most of the climate change alarmism going on about the next century is alarmism that just so happens to align with a lot of left-wing political goals at the same time.

Yeah, how dare those people (checks notes) identify a problem and attempt to fix it

Those damn virtue signaling jerks probably made the last 5 years the 5 hottest on record, because communism.


willystyle04 t1_j16td09 wrote

I agree with others that this belongs more in r/conspiracy or somewhere else where fringe “science” and wild theories are more accepted.

The earth has experienced long heating and cooling cycles over its history:

This current trajectory we’re on is heating the earth much faster than any other cycle has seen and there is a direct correlation to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in to the atmosphere and the warming of the earth:

Carbon dioxide is important and it keeps the earth warm. It’s a “greenhouse gas” because it does what a greenhouse does: absorbs heat and radiates it back across the earth. If we had none of it, we’d all freeze (among other problems). The issue now is that we’ve added so much from reckless industrialization that we’re magnifying its effects and the average temperature of the earth is rising much faster than it would had we not continued to burn many tons of fossil fuels.

Sorry to burst this guy’s bubble, but the only idiot here is him. This has nothing to do with religion or a day of reckoning. The earth will not experience an apocalypse in 2046 and this internet whack job doesn’t know more than the collective brilliance of the scientific community who has been studying climate change for many years. Maybe his mommy told him he was special one too many times.