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barcased t1_j0hefa0 wrote

OP goes on a rambling spree with nonsensical bullshit and then comes into the comment section with their alt account and spams.


doctorhino t1_j0hc2hg wrote

Second non sensical thing you have posted on this sub today. Sober up and formulate a more coherent discussion, this is just a ramble.


LucienSatanClaus t1_j0hes22 wrote

Is this written by an AI ? Because it just about makes sense but doesn't seem to be something a human will type out.


Gruituino OP t1_j0hfisn wrote

„I“ might be (relatively) „taking in information from multiple angles“ in ? „shorter time frame“ „than average“ humans and „answering more accurately than average“ humans.


misterflerfy t1_j0hg019 wrote

u want some bacon sprinkles and ranch dressing with your word salad?


Apocalypsox t1_j0hflm7 wrote

This is just someone testing their shit chatbot being upset that chatGPT is so good.


namelessmasses t1_j0hi39c wrote

That's what I was wondering. Either that or a human trying to mimic an AI response... Turing Test from another angle?


DoubleFuckedOreo t1_j0hkzq9 wrote

I believe OPs first language is German, probably has something to do with it


lubacrisp t1_j0hgb8q wrote

You should bring your theories to a professional counselor and share them. Some sort of therapist or psychologist would be best positioned to take action on your special knowledge and insights and help you advance society in line with your vision.


TripleATeam t1_j0hgjv0 wrote

What unhinged raving. If you're trying to say the AI can reconstruct deleted data by questioning you and deducing where you're lying about what the dataset contained, you're wrong. It's not possible to reconstruct data that easily, let alone through a lossy medium like memory. If your point is just that AI will be used as lie detectors, then maybe, and they'll be accurate to some degree. But that doesn't mean lies won't exist.

Secondly, what the hell is the "universe knows"? Sure, live truthfully if you'd like, but don't imagine the universe will punish you for lying. It's just the consequences of telling the lies that eventually catch up.


Barreling_Burke t1_j0hbh3o wrote

A good rule to live by is act like everyone’s watching.


Fraun_Pollen t1_j0hc7yl wrote

Because depending on which country you live in, they probably are


Gruituino OP t1_j0hdr82 wrote

Or „truthfully“?


scryharder t1_j0hiuuu wrote

Sheesh, ramp your bot programming up quite a bit before testing this crap.


premeditatedsleepove t1_j0hdap8 wrote

I almost get what you're saying. It could be a an interesting Black Mirror plot where AI unloads everyone's dirty internet history in the next 10-20 years and everyone has to come to terms with the fact that their parents/grandparents/spouses are perverts or worse. Similar to the Ashley Madison leak years ago (although that didn't amount to much).


MpVpRb t1_j0hgdad wrote

Word salad except the last line, which I agree with


sirjimtonic t1_j0hhnqh wrote

God knew about your p***hub account long bevor AI existed.


Heap_Good_Firewater t1_j0hhs8d wrote

Who has a pornhub account?

Also, if someone doesn’t look at porn on the internet that would seem weird.


AcademicGuest t1_j0hchbf wrote

The AI is a failure due to one simple factor. What happens when someone purposefully takes actions online that aren’t sincere, and the AI ‘reads’ it as part of a narrative.

The reality is I learned after dealing with them, that I should just open fake dating accounts, with insincere profiles. Reflecting what they did.


Eleutherii t1_j0hgnti wrote

I've been thinking about something like this happening for probably twenty years now


modestLife1 t1_j0hblwo wrote

are u saying that god exists and he is a cat and he dug a hole in the ceiling and is watching me m*sturbate


Xanderious t1_j0hejsz wrote

As Arthur Weesley says muggles say- "The truth will out!"