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all-cap t1_j10lvzz wrote

Yes. But even more interestingly, have we asked ourselves which jobs AI will replace?


GaryV83 t1_j10nj4r wrote

That's a really good point. But has anyone bothered to ask what jobs will be replaced by AI?


jrev8 t1_j10q0ic wrote

You bring up a good question, which AI will inevitably answer for us in due time, yet. is anyone brave enough to ask what AI jobs will replaced with even better AI??


OccurringThought t1_j10ugvi wrote

Controversial, to be sure, but we must go even further. What AI jobs replacing better AI will be replaced by better AI?


bchin22 t1_j10xqfl wrote

Friends, you all bring up great points. But ultimately we need to ask ourselves which AI jobs should we be afraid of (for our future AI job stealers) to lose to other AIs that already replaced the jobs its previous AI replaced?


hostile_rep t1_j10z314 wrote

Wow. Those are startlingly complex questions. Has be anyone tried to use your insights to answer which jobs AI will replace?


WaitingForNormal t1_j10tlk8 wrote

I’d like to know, what jobs will AI replace and what are the best jobs to get after AI replaces those other jobs.


TheoreticalFunk t1_j10pk6x wrote

The underwater basket weaving industry is going to collapse under the pressure of AI.


IndyDude11 t1_j10mgny wrote

You're right. I've never heard anyone talking about this topic. Especially here. You'd think someone would have thought to bring this up by now.



egglan t1_j10ktcd wrote

right now AI has replaced my writers. I was waiting around for 10-14 days waiting for website content and microcopy. our agency's biggest pain points were we are all developers and designers. our writing sucks.

Now, the writing is all done by AI and sent to a proof reader / editor. making our workflow go from waiting weeks to minutes.


Kampizi t1_j10lqjt wrote

what are you going to do when your bosses buy AI that writes code? lol Guess you will still have to manage it and peer review it.


1369ic t1_j10olka wrote

Only until the bosses see that the AI code is at least as good as human code minus human issues. As in OK, it has 10 percent more bugs than John's, but it has 100 percent fewer interpersonal issues than John does.


Kampizi t1_j10yug5 wrote

Yea, doesn't get sick, no holidays


7ECA t1_j10rgag wrote

It'll be like Dall-E and others. Soon and for the foreseeable future the science of computer science will morph in to writing the prompts


egglan t1_j1115i5 wrote

It needs to be embraced. My agency already uses robots and robomotion for data entry. I’ve been a programmer for around 2 decades. I don’t think we are anywhere near getting programmers replaced. Lots of fear out there but we gotta use the tools we have available to us. It’s like saying I won’t use the internet since it’s new and foreign in the 90s.


Substantial_Space478 t1_j10wpcg wrote

i'm a great editor if you wanna give me a job. i've seen the stuff ai rights and it reads like junk


Neverstopstopping82 t1_j10xvdl wrote

I’m assuming you mean technical writers? What do you think will happen to UX/UI jobs?


Chalkarts t1_j10pk2n wrote

All jobs will eventually go. We’re headed towards a Wall-E kinda world.


chalsp t1_j110snb wrote

Fuck yes! When do I get my floating chair??


mhornberger t1_j114l6n wrote

Strong automation and cheap/abundant fusion would be some kind of world. The dystopian elements in the movie were somewhat artificial, since with fusion and automation at that level you can easily filter/desalinate/recycle. Plus grow all your food in stacked greenhouses, or with cellular agriculture. Both with vastly less use of land and water.


BlurredSight t1_j10ql9u wrote

Although it's sarcasm, GPT 3 is going to probably be the ultimate livechat for companies in the near future.

I work at Target, although in store we don't handle livechat, the people who call in 70% of them are asking about an item in stock, 25% have a question about if their online order is ready for pickup or pretty much whats laid out in the FAQ like how do returns work, etc. and the final 5% are actual questions that need human assistance like a lost wallet, or an emergency call from another team member.

Google years ago had their live screening service for the pixels, they showed how they pretty much had a working model that can do appointments and make it sound indistinguishable from humans, pair that up with this and you have the ultimate, worker that only need IIRC 20 cents per hour for the server.


Psychomadeye t1_j10zv8p wrote

less than 20 cents per hour as the server can handle multiple clients at the same time, but is at the end of the day possibly unnecessary. You can set up AWS lambda endpoints for most of it and it's free for the first million hits. After that it's 25 cents per million or something like that. You use the target app on their phone to fill the gaps and you basically get your callers to run your server for you.


FatLegTed t1_j10hyoy wrote

I can see my job going. Overseeing computer based testing. Candidates arrive for appointment. Get booked in, security checks and basic search then sat at desk.

I'll just be there in case of 'emergencies'.

Retail staff. Any questions can be answered by AI.


Soloandthewookiee t1_j10jmsa wrote

It sounds like you work at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.


WantedManRS t1_j10l24a wrote

"I invited your best friend, the Companion Cube. Of course, he couldn't come, because you murdered him"


PabPabbingtonII t1_j10o4eq wrote

I’m a drone pilot and I put a custom Portal voice pack on my transmitter so when I boot it up it says “Hello and welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre.”


FatLegTed t1_j10ot52 wrote

I have no idea what this means.


Soloandthewookiee t1_j10p80v wrote

It's from the video game Portal. You go through a test facility overseen by an AI computer and as you progress, you eventually realize that the computer killed all the humans that were supposed to be overseeing her testing.


Red7336 t1_j10xmo1 wrote

I can relate, and I know we're all laughing through the pain, but I'm actually terrified for us.

All these "AI will work for us" are just wishful thinking IMO. I'm just hoping humanity will create new jobs that we're qualified to do (and still young enough to learn when the time comes)

The feeling of potentially being in my 40s- 50s and everything in my resume being obsolete and I'm too young to retire, too old to start over is terrifying.

Doom rant end lol


FatLegTed t1_j111bla wrote

Am 65. I won't see the full impact of it, but I dread to think what sort of world my daughter (21) is going to face. Although she'll have a rough idea as her fiance is a bit of a boffin and works in AI.


AboveDisturbing t1_j10slj9 wrote

One thing I don't see a whole lot of people talking about is the major EV and renewable energy bottleneck: batteries.

If we truly want to see a revolution in EVs and renewables, we NEED batteries with a higher specific energy, and one that can be constructed without conflict minerals or elements that are readily available.


Hisako1337 t1_j10u15a wrote

Or we eliminate most jobs and therefore people don’t need cars any longer - thanks to UBI and food delivery on top of that.


AboveDisturbing t1_j10urky wrote

Sure thing, I could mostly get on board with that.

Still won't eliminate the need for better energy storage technology. And of course, unless people just never go further than a mile from their house, some sort of transportation infrastructure will be necessary.


Hisako1337 t1_j10vbr4 wrote

Sure, obviously I am not solving the root problem, but making it smaller - which may open up other solutions!


AboveDisturbing t1_j10w8zf wrote

You are damn right about that. More distributed access to everything from energy to food would be super awesome. That would substantially decrease transportation costs over time.


P3asantGamer t1_j10y8ek wrote

The question isn't what will AI replace, the question is what will we do with the people out of work? In today's political climate I don't see there being any action to help those out of work because a robot took their job. And historically we haven't helped people when jobs have been sent overseas, just look at Detroit.


SKcl0ck t1_j10irmy wrote

have you tried google? this subject is talked about in great length daily, in every corner of the internet.


NateCow t1_j10pfnt wrote

These are exactly the only questions I seem to see people asking. EDIT: Sorry, missed your /s tag :P

I think everyone's losing their shit a little too much. AI will only replace a job as far as said job doesn't require user-feedback and correction.

In my neck of the woods, people are losing their minds that AI will generate VFX for movies. Okay, can it address minute notes? Didn't think so.


DropsTheMic t1_j10lbx0 wrote

AI: When can I expect it to replace my wife? What do you think the trade in value will be on gently used, certified pre-owned white women?


dingleberry_yumyum t1_j10t342 wrote

The ones that a 13 year old can do but people want a millionaire’s salary to do


Neverstopstopping82 t1_j10yjdb wrote

My question is why do we still have engineers so eager to work on a technology that will replace their jobs? What am I missing?


TV2693 t1_j10nof4 wrote

Any job that has to do with simple, repetitive tasks.


jagxvi t1_j10q9fx wrote

Someone should design an AI to help answer this completely unique question that has never been asked before.


flsingleguy t1_j10qzw4 wrote

I think the most immediate replacement will be customer service type functions. You have chat bots that are designed to answer certain questions. If you were to add actual artificial intelligence to this process, you could eliminate human customer service in many areas.


fryamtheeggguy t1_j10r7aq wrote

Customer service

Phone sex

I guess for some folks, that could be the same thing...


ynwp t1_j10r9cu wrote

I heard AI is a big fan of the TV show Breaking Bad.


OutsideAllDay t1_j10s91d wrote

I know this is /s but 2041 is a great book I don't see mentioned enough.


KentuckyDobro t1_j10sfrv wrote

Oh they’re being asked in the publishing and educ world for sure


LeoDiamant t1_j10szb5 wrote

To be replaced: Any law clerk and most lawyers. Any none operating doctor, Pilots, Bankers of all creeds, pretty much all teaching positions, construction workers, security guards, Designers and creatives will work with an AI counterpart to polish the result in the near future and will not be needed shortly... like pretty much all office work that is not client facing. There is not a single business that will be spared innit.

To be spared:

Im pretty sure salesmen that work face to face, nurses, plumbers, travel agents (the few that are left) and some other client facing jobs will be able to hang in there for a while tho.


Sukyman t1_j10tic9 wrote

There is a possibility it will replace taxis and any kind of transport drivers. Bus, train, taxi, all autonomous. Same with AI transport trucks. If that really happens, next step is car ownership becoming a thing of the past.

You're gonna pay for a monthly Uber subscription, every day a car or something will pick you up, drop you off at work etc. Because why would anyone buy a car that they can't even drive themselves when you can just order the same thing anywhere at any time?


Curleysound t1_j10um72 wrote

Eventually there will be no job that an AI/robot combo will not be able to do better faster and longer than anyone who ever lived. At this point, work and money will be valueless.


Lanzo2 t1_j10v0j6 wrote

Vitals checking, could possibly even assist with carefully lifting the arm of a patient to check


JohnShepherd104 t1_j10v7ve wrote

I already have a dozen AI coworkers, and I make sure they are all working. Used to take a team.


collin-h t1_j10vcpm wrote

Just wait until they put up the paywall, then it'll be a gatekept tech only available for those willing to pony up.


aiptek7 t1_j10vu9r wrote

Yep. But really, the question is, what ai will jobs replace when ai replaces jobs with ai jobs?


Red7336 t1_j10w3pw wrote

Please have some respect for the AI bots among us. This is anti-AIism! They're not hurting anyone, why are you being so AI Phobic?


timelydogood t1_j10yn7z wrote

just watch the expanse on Amazon. It shows exactly what will happen lol


ttaborek t1_j10yt2x wrote

SEO Content writer. I give it about 10 years or so before they replace my job with a robot.


tallyn1 t1_j10z2at wrote

There’s a pretty entertaining website on this topic: Will Robots Take My Job


iamlenb t1_j117e0u wrote

I can’t pull up Pornstar, Adult Entertainer, Massage Therapist or Ninja on that site.

Ninja, I understand. no one even believes they exist so they’re 100% secure.


Deep_Seas_QA t1_j10z2fg wrote

I feel like hairstylists will be safe for a little while


Uzername1123 t1_j111bq1 wrote

Carpentry. Being a carpenter, being a builder. Can’t be replaced by AI. The design Portion can be replaced, it almost already is. But the physical aspect of building won’t ever be replaced by AI.


iamlenb t1_j116lg8 wrote

In 70 years when general building codes are update to 2035 spec, anyone in the Trades will be pushed out and forced to join a Food Service Industry. Start worrying about your grandkids livelihood now, my friend.


Uzername1123 t1_j12ngg6 wrote

Huh? Food service industry for building houses? What do you mean pushed out? Pushed out by whom? What are the 2035 spec?

I think there’s always going to be a need for carpenters that do high class finish work.


HeRoSanS t1_j112wko wrote

UBI is the only solution to mass automation we have to simply pay people to exist or shit is gonna get really medieval.


jonesmatty t1_j10n7bh wrote

Everyone thought it was going to go from Blue collar jobs to management and the last would be creatives. CEO of OpenAI confirmed it'll be the opposite. Creatives and smart developers are the first to go. You already here the artists whining about it because it was in some tiny part inspired by their art.


lostnumber08 t1_j10qpkt wrote

Any job which requires application of reference material. Pretty much all lawyers, for example, will be made obsolete.


rixtil41 t1_j10y4z3 wrote

Just go to a post that has over 100 upvotes and comments which shouldn't be hard to find if you scroll down.


MrEZW t1_j10jpwp wrote

This question was asked this past week, in this sub. Along with 100 other questions about AI.


CalvinSays OP t1_j10k5bm wrote

Yes. Hence my /s.


karma-armageddon t1_j10m1lg wrote

Warning; When you put the /s on there, you are teaching the AI.


GaryV83 t1_j10o9gk wrote

/s, not in earnest, used to denote statements or interrogatives meant to be disregarded.

Humorous. Quite humorous.


Douglas_Fresh t1_j10mamu wrote

Nobody saw the /s at all. Even comments replying to your post getting upvoted.
Smh, the AI deserves to win, nobody reads anything anyways.


GaryV83 t1_j10nx3n wrote

>the AI deserves to win

The AI is pleased by this. You will be the last to be converted into coolant.


jrev8 t1_j10qdt6 wrote

I thought it was going to be human battery, like that one movie thats shot with the green screen and CGI effects, came out 2 decades ago


justgetoffmylawn t1_j10szf9 wrote

The /s tag is a shorthand way of indicating that a statement or remark made in a Reddit post is meant to be sarcastic or humorous. It is often used to signal to readers that the comment should not be taken literally or at face value.



MrEZW t1_j10kgc8 wrote

Oh I see now. Didn't notice that at first.


SysDym t1_j10miar wrote

Then you aren’t looking in the right place. This question is definitely being asked, in many circles.