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egglan t1_j10ktcd wrote

right now AI has replaced my writers. I was waiting around for 10-14 days waiting for website content and microcopy. our agency's biggest pain points were we are all developers and designers. our writing sucks.

Now, the writing is all done by AI and sent to a proof reader / editor. making our workflow go from waiting weeks to minutes.


Kampizi t1_j10lqjt wrote

what are you going to do when your bosses buy AI that writes code? lol Guess you will still have to manage it and peer review it.


1369ic t1_j10olka wrote

Only until the bosses see that the AI code is at least as good as human code minus human issues. As in OK, it has 10 percent more bugs than John's, but it has 100 percent fewer interpersonal issues than John does.


Kampizi t1_j10yug5 wrote

Yea, doesn't get sick, no holidays


7ECA t1_j10rgag wrote

It'll be like Dall-E and others. Soon and for the foreseeable future the science of computer science will morph in to writing the prompts


egglan t1_j1115i5 wrote

It needs to be embraced. My agency already uses robots and robomotion for data entry. I’ve been a programmer for around 2 decades. I don’t think we are anywhere near getting programmers replaced. Lots of fear out there but we gotta use the tools we have available to us. It’s like saying I won’t use the internet since it’s new and foreign in the 90s.


Substantial_Space478 t1_j10wpcg wrote

i'm a great editor if you wanna give me a job. i've seen the stuff ai rights and it reads like junk


Neverstopstopping82 t1_j10xvdl wrote

I’m assuming you mean technical writers? What do you think will happen to UX/UI jobs?