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OcelotBrave8818 t1_j0k3oqt wrote

We could like….fart…..n like….send the fart through the worms hole……n like…..release it in the face of some unsuspecting foreigner from like…..Bosnia and/or Herzegovina or something….I don’t know.


godlytoast3r t1_j0k52da wrote

can do the research on? i tried googling negative energy shockwave and nothing came up. post a link to describe what the hell that is if its really well supported science


bsancken t1_j0k5rgv wrote

Just a heads up, a .org isn't very relevant here unless you are just verifying the link you sent was correct. .org is an open top level domain, anyone can register one, it's not restricted to reputable/trustworthy sources. :)

-edit, not saying your source/linked site isn't reputable, just pointing out the implied justification may not be taken at face value