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Adler4290 t1_j0n4klq wrote

> the near future of aviation is either degrowth

This is my worst nightmare as a traveler. It would mean traveling would be rich people only and us 99.9% normies would pick one country to go every decade and just watch the rest on YT like during Covid.


drondendorho t1_j0n8zif wrote

This can either be regulated by the prices (only the rich can afford) or by the quantities (everyone is allowed a limited amount of travels in their life). I wish for the latter, but wouldn't bet much on it; having either would already be a big step. As for travelling, this could be the occasion of a big revisiting of what doing tourism means: it would still be possible to change continent once in a while, just not for the weekend. Trains can get your pretty far in Eurasia. Boats also need a fuel revolution but will hopefully get there.