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nautical_sea t1_j0qg0fg wrote

You sound quite bothered by this, and I apologize if that’s the case. Was never my intent. It was not serious at all on my end.

> you’ve argued that Airbus are doing it wrong, all in order to avoid saying “Wow, I didn’t know that, I was wrong”.

I did state prior to that:

> To be honest, I’m an airline pilot and this is the first I’ve heard of this. I will reserve judgment post-testing, this seems like perhaps more of a pet-project than any serious development.

I am definitely not an expert in aircraft manufacturing, or engineering; though I am an expert in airline operations. Just applying a hot take simply from my lens, from what I’ve been taught and experienced over decades in the industry.

The way they are describing things gives me clear signals about the limitations of such technology, though again, it’s simply from my perspective. I’m not bothered one way or the other if they actually do it, just curious if it makes sense to, based on what I know about our industry thus far, and some of the complex challenges that entails.

Have a good day.