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We are almost there, and no UBI is not the solution because the goverment will rather kill you or if you get it you will get a social credit slave.

I'm an artist that just realized my job is hopeless and being done so much better already by a machine but where would you move to earn a living when that happens to your work?



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Cubey42 t1_j0mt9ii wrote

Well if the government plans to kill us I suppose I'll just be a corpse


Ok-Crab-4063 t1_j0oi5us wrote

That's probably why they're setting the stage for ww3

They think there are too many Uber drivers


LicheXam t1_j0ps6ie wrote

Hell, even car can drive themselves now


mentalflux t1_j0mvtx2 wrote

AI will not do everything humans do but better. Before we get to that point, humans will use the power of AI to enhance themselves to improve their own biological capabilities, and if necessary will merge with AI to become a kind of cyborg.

I cannot imagine humans letting AI have all the fun that comes from this technological revolution. We will want to benefit from it ourselves as much as possible.


QuietOil9491 t1_j0qhuhp wrote

“Wanting to” and “getting to” are universes apart…


sadgirl45 t1_j0p5d72 wrote

That doesn’t sound great mixing with machines


[deleted] t1_j0n32v9 wrote



macetrek t1_j0pumyq wrote

Yeah, once the tractor is as invented we didn’t need as many people working in farms so we killed them all off I guess. Once the personal computer was invented all the clerks that typed up everything, and managed files were sent straight to the Soylent green factory!


dfeeney95 t1_j0n432p wrote

I mean when you talk like that I’m sure YOU will get killed lol also through every industrial revolution people have had to adapt you could try moving to earn a living if you want or you could acquire new skills that have value. You have a very victim mentality the government wouldn’t kill you they would love to keep taking advantage of someone like you


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0ntqka wrote

Man your brain is stuck in that small box there. AI is already causing waves with people jobs and it's not even really getting started.

Sadly brother as much as you wish it you will most likely end up with us "masses" cause it's gonna effect most people.


dfeeney95 t1_j0nvdp4 wrote

You can end up in the masses that doesn’t mean the government is going to murder you. Hell they might try, but are you really going to let them? With your current mindset it sounds like you’re ready to turn yourself in. I guess I could be stuck in a small box I’m not going to surrender to death the same way you’re volunteering for though.


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0pqlod wrote

I didn't say that, but you will be jobless and hungry while the current government fights over who's gonna fuck us over next election cycle.

My mindset looks at the reality and looks at facts and how the world is moving and how it's reacting currently to other actually struggles. And I don't see leadership who cares about anyone then themselves or there donors.

I don't think there gonna send out "death" squads like the tea cuppers of the Obama era. I just think, just as it is now, we're gonna be left to starve in the long run.

Also I'm currently in school to become an electrician one of the few jobs that robotics will have a harder time getting into. But sure, fill me in there, cause in the end you do you, and I do me, and we will see who makes it past this filter event.


dfeeney95 t1_j0pram8 wrote

Congratulations I’m a member of the ibew it’s a great career to be in you should teach yourself how to garden as well building a resilient lifestyle is all you can do the fact is the government has never cared about us so we have to care about each other I didn’t realize you weren’t op when I replied op has a very victim mind set


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0ps34p wrote

Lol, I can do Carpentry due to my father, wife and I grow a lot of our own food as well as the small community we're creating where we live. My goal is to keep learning till I can produce enough electricity on my own and store it.

We have below ground hand made water filtration system that we;re still trying to improve here since the rain water is so fucked.


dfeeney95 t1_j0psbu6 wrote

That’s badass man the lifestyle you’re building sounds very different than the doom and gloom world op is imagining


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0pucwf wrote

Community and kindness is humanity's best bits and I just want to make a place of people of like minds to do the same.

The only way the common folk have made it through so many terrible events through out history is by sticking together and helping each other. I believe this will be the ultimate test of that.

Also, about the OP, I get being defeated. Life is hard right now but in a very silent way at times. We acknowledge that we live in a time that our ancestors could never even imagine could exist. So we should fill joy and be celebrating a life of real freedom. But instead humanity is still clinging onto to the last visage of animal savagery in us and glorifying in it.

Truth is for most people, the coming famines and chaos will be the end. Even for people "prepared" for it will probably perish as well. But the only way to make it at all is by sticking together and sharing and pooling talents/resources together.


Thanks for coming to my TED talk that is all.


novelide t1_j0p5aap wrote

Government? You mean the government of, by, and for the peasants? Obsolete.


Cascascap t1_j0nnq4e wrote

What? What could have possibly have drawn you to that conclusion? What scenario ran in your head where people just start getting killed?


Littleman88 t1_j0pup98 wrote

The defeatist kind that would rather roll over than fight to survive.


panconquesofrito t1_j0qajnf wrote

I am honestly not concerned with the rich. I am more concerned with the religious crazy mother fuckers when this shit takes hold.


stillgodlol t1_j0npx1n wrote

If only elites and rich people will remain, wouldn't that make them not so special anymore tho?


abrandis t1_j0nftqi wrote

This is the sad truth, AI will be used by those with the power, the ownership class to further consolidate, land, resources and most importantly power and authority.

AI will first create a dystopia and maybe if we survive , later a utopia.


MpVpRb t1_j0mxf1j wrote

AI won't do everything, but it will be a very useful tool

A better question is how do we design an economic system that doesn't require everyone to get a job


HumanJenoM t1_j0qmdvq wrote

An even better question is how many astronauts are actually needed to fly spaceship Earth?


grandramble t1_j0n0cgs wrote

With the glut of AI-generated content about to be unleashed I think the information synthesis and auditing- based jobs are going to become more important. So in business, a lot of consultants, analysts etc.

Creatives are probably screwed because of the ocean of content about to get dumped on us, but that also means we'll probably see a lot more curators, presenters and guru types emerging, because most people aren't going to want or know how to navigate through all the junk.


K_H007 t1_j0n18ui wrote

Ever heard of a cottage industry? There's still a market for handmade goods. Creative-types can just pivot to being part of one.


WaterbearOverlord t1_j0pxi72 wrote

There’s still a lot of oversight jobs that will need to be done. The trick is to get the human jobs paid well.

Also, as a published writer myself, I did go through an initial fear phase with learning AI can write scientific essays with citations. Our government has probably already been using it (as I assume they’ve had the tech somewhat before us). It gets info out quick; but still needs managing. I’m actually excited and have started working with my Alexa at home to answer some bigger questions. This will raise scientific revolutions in other fields to catch up to technology with its exponential evolution. I’m someone who’s more of a naturalist and loves working with meta-analyses. AI can amalgamate knowledge, but not truly process it. It’s like we can finally have all of the data we would like to be able to make better decisions.

Maybe the question that has the answer of 42 is how many renditions of this Earth until humans finally figure out that nothing is coming to save them and if they want to survive they need to figure it out themselves.


-Ch4s3- t1_j0qyvkk wrote

Certain types of digital art will probably be crowded out by AI in the way that photography killed rote landscape painting, but AI isn’t likely to engage with a moment in culture the way that humans can.


EndeavourToFreefall t1_j0n3vto wrote

I suspect that the more saturated we become with AI creations, the more valuable individualistic expression will be. It's novel now because there's wider access to something which was previously difficult to create, but I think people will get tired of its limitations eventually and then we'll see a counter resurgence of people looking for things which are organically authentic.

I don't know how long that would take, though, it could be a century, and it will likely be the case that very few people are able to succeed.

Edit: I asked this question to the OpenAI chat bot and got the following:

"There will always be a need for jobs that involve creativity, empathy, and human interaction. Some examples of jobs that are likely to remain important in the future include:

Educators: AI can assist with learning, but it cannot replace the role of a teacher or mentor in guiding and inspiring students.

Healthcare professionals: AI can assist with diagnostics and data analysis, but it cannot replace the role of a healthcare provider in interacting with patients and providing care.

Artists and creative professionals: AI can assist with the creation of art, music, and other creative works, but it cannot replace the role of a human artist in bringing unique perspectives and emotions to their work.

Social workers and therapists: AI can assist with analyzing data and providing support, but it cannot replace the role of a human in providing emotional support and guidance to individuals in need.

Human resources professionals: AI can assist with recruiting and evaluating candidates, but it cannot replace the role of a human in building and maintaining relationships with employees and creating a positive work culture.

Overall, jobs that involve human interaction and require creativity, empathy, and problem-solving skills are likely to remain important in the future."


sudoku7 t1_j0rc9m1 wrote

It does a good job of saying why AI shouldn't replace humans in those jobs, but not how those jobs aren't being replaced by AI anyway.

It's interesting since those are all fields that are currently being heavily encroached upon.


surloc_dalnor t1_j0qzhj9 wrote

Yeah I thought that until I shoved an AItA post into gptchat, and got a response that was more caring and empathic than any post on question.


EndeavourToFreefall t1_j0r5jnk wrote

It's just imitating empathy though, may well be better at doing so than most people, but feelings aren't comforting when they're manufactured. I do kind of disagree with the AI response that it couldn't fulfill the role of a therapist though, it could certainly do a better job in emotional support than some people who actively harm their clients through malpractice or ignorance.


LZoSoFR t1_j0rdyij wrote

Unless, this is what the computers want it to think while they're plotting to take over the world


perdition_grove t1_j0najlz wrote

I see a lot of people resigned to a dark future and i don't get it. I would never advocate for violence, but i don't understand why people would choose to just lie down and die instead of trying to change things whatever method necessary. Don't think the elites will allow for UBI and don't care if you die? You're probably right. People will shoot up a mall or a school full of kids though.

We could even do it non - violently, but the longer we wait, the less impact we'll have. We can organize. We can have massive general strikes. We can decide that money, the thing the elites use to determine wealth, means nothing. It only exists because we agree it does. It's not hopeless. They just want you to believe it is.


tennisanybody t1_j0np6g4 wrote

In World War Two the nazis had to gain some kind of foothold. You’ll be surprised how many people just lie down and take it up the ass when faced with an entity they barely understand.

Shit ask your immediate family why they vote the way they do. Half will tell you they don’t. The other half will tell you they vote like fish. Swimming along the current that carries them.

I do not intend to be among those that just accept their fate. Fuck that noise. If the rich want any of mine I’ll take some of their henchmen with me.


perdition_grove t1_j0nr641 wrote

Oh i agree completely. I'm not at all optimistic anything will change. My point is that it can. And i hope it does. Solidarity my friend


Brock_Savage t1_j0ogxmh wrote

>I see a lot of people resigned to a dark future and i don't get it

Redditors project their anxiety, depression, loneliness and cynicism when speculating about the future.


perdition_grove t1_j0oinbn wrote

Oh i understand that part perfectly well. I think if you don't feel those things a little bit, then you aren't paying attention. It's the giving up that i don't understand.


BaconRaven t1_j0munn1 wrote

It is difficult to predict with certainty which jobs will be automated or replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) in the future, as the development and adoption of AI technologies are constantly evolving. However, it is likely that certain jobs and tasks that involve repetitive, predictable, or data-intensive work will be more vulnerable to automation, while jobs that require creativity, flexibility, and human interaction may be less vulnerable.

Some examples of jobs that may be more vulnerable to automation in the future include:

Data entry and data processing jobs

Manufacturing and assembly line work

Customer service and support jobs

Driving and transportation jobs

Repetitive office tasks and administrative work

On the other hand, jobs that require creativity, problem-solving, and human interaction are likely to be less vulnerable to automation. These may include jobs in the fields of healthcare, education, social work, and the arts, as well as jobs that require decision-making, communication, and leadership skills.

It is important to note that the impact of AI on the job market will depend on a variety of factors, including the pace of technological change, the nature of the work being automated, and the policies and regulations put in place to support workers. It is likely that the employment landscape will continue to evolve over time as AI technologies develop and are adopted in various industries.


AaronRamsay t1_j0n232t wrote

Is it just me, or does this read like it was written by an AI?


PandaBlaq t1_j0od3ib wrote

The fact that we're no longer sure what's AI and real human thought should be more concerning to people, but so many are like 'lol what's the big deal lol'

I can't wait until the elites are manipulating everything we hear and see with AI. They'll deploy hundreds of thousands of AI posts on social media and the naive among us will think 'wow I guess a lot of people really want to lower the minimum wage who am I to disagree with the majority'

You know, implying it's not already happening.


novelide t1_j0p5odm wrote

It was already happening before AI. They call it public relations. Before that it was called propaganda, but they decided to start calling it public relations for public relations purposes.


BaconRaven t1_j0n2oz8 wrote

Because I don't know how to use bullet points?


AaronRamsay t1_j0n2y9d wrote

No, just the style reminds me a bit of answers I got from ChatGPT, but it might just be coincidental or I'm imagining it


Yung-Split t1_j0n3fk3 wrote

Somebody else posted another comment today on an very similar topic with a response written by gpt. You may have seen it.


QuietOil9491 t1_j0qib60 wrote

This sounds like it was written before all of the incredible progress of AI generated art that’s flooding out lately.


Psychomadeye t1_j0o3a9k wrote

You probably don't want to hear this but that's not what AI is going to do, nor will it even really replace artists. I can actually explain why if you'd like.


Doc580 t1_j0n0jiq wrote

Construction. If there is one thing that needs a mind in the filed that is flexible it's that. All those blue prints you get are perfect and always a sort of guide on how to put it together. In the field it's lots of a collective effort of individual scrutiny and skill.


Bangkokbeats10 t1_j0pm4c2 wrote

I can imagine new builds being automated, they’re already 3D printing houses … they look a bit shit now, but will no doubt improve.

Can’t see them automating renovations and maintenance work though. Each building is different, each task is different, so it would be highly difficult to automate.


SchwiftyMpls t1_j0q9dpm wrote

Handymen and home renovations will be pretty AI proof at least until they make a pretty advanced humanoid robot.


BigHipDoofus t1_j0r6ud5 wrote

3d printed concrete buildings are coming along. Finish carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work anyone?


Aware-Anywhere9086 t1_j0mu63o wrote

last jobs, that will be hardest to automate: janitors


Yung-Split t1_j0n3ahb wrote

Roombas already halfway there.


marketlurker t1_j0nzl73 wrote

I really don't want to see the amount of dust on your furniture if you think that is halfway there.


Yung-Split t1_j0o3iyw wrote

We have a lot of floor in my house. Just sweeping the floor takes half the time of cleaning the house in a given week because of our dogs it has to be cleaned more than other stuff. It's a lot of work


marketlurker t1_j0rkqjw wrote

Roombas aren't particularly good at either vacuuming or mopping the floor. Accomplishing that task is more than just knowing how to migrate around a room and I find that eventually they will get it done, but not in a way that is either very efficient or quick.


LowBarometer t1_j0n36n5 wrote

They'll probably try to use it to solve the teacher shortage.


codeyman2 t1_j0qeiwu wrote

What happened to calligraphy when MS Word came along?


Cynicaladdict111 t1_j0mz91n wrote

Well we know if this actually happens thousands of years of history, economics, and other knowledge will become at least outdated. So a philosopher I guess?


K_H007 t1_j0n12as wrote

Your job is actually one of the safest out there. You can just label yours as being handmade and pivot to being part of a cottage industry.


niknok850 t1_j0nauqw wrote

I went into Archaeology recently because it’s largely AI-proof work. At least for the time I need the job! (Next 40 years).


AduroTri t1_j0nfzgg wrote

Likely light and simple IT work internally. That way IT personnel aren't bogged down by minor issues and can handle more complex issues.


night_dick t1_j0nnw9v wrote

That n after does is really throwing me off cus I can’t tell what exactly you’re asking. But jobs that will likely lose an enormous percentage of their human workforce off the top of my head are manufacturing, trucking industry, cashiers, call centers, warehouse workers, healthcare, technical writing. Basically anything that is repetitious and especially dangerous. I think trades and hospitality will do well since it’s hard to get a robot up a flight of stairs to snake a drain or install a chandelier and humans like being comforted by humans (for now anyway)


NotObviouslyARobot t1_j0oljzp wrote

Are people writing this spate of AI questions with ChatGPT?


matthra t1_j0onxnn wrote

I'll agree that it's inevitable, but how much time we have is the question. The replacement of human labor is likely to be incremental, because AIG is such a tough nut to crack. So certain areas will be replaced before others, so we'll have a few dry runs before the whole thing gets finalized. I'm hopeful we can figure it out, but big changes come with a lot of unforeseen, like imagine trying to predict internet culture wars based just on DARPA researchers making the first versions of the internet. "Wait so everyone has access to every piece of human knowledge, and that somehow created more flat earthers?".

I think that it will take generations to get to full automation, because there are challenges unique to most specializations that are hard to master completely. That is a lot of time for a society about to lose necessary employment to figure out how and if to replace it. UBI might be the way, but given how incompletely we see the future, it could be that there are circumstances that make it not the best solution. I think we should keep an open mind, and not despair because our favored solution looks unlikely.

*edit* An example is UBI is predicated on capitalism, and we may find capitalism doesn't work with hyper-unemployment, which would be a very likely step along the path to full automation. There are a lot of corners we can't see around, and a lot of corners we have yet to see at all.


deweywsu t1_j0orej9 wrote

Lawyers are finished when AI really kicks into gear.


Quantum-Bot t1_j0p1hn6 wrote

Automation doesn’t make humans obsolete, it just changes the kind of work we need. Instead of hiring someone to do a job by hand, you hire a technician to operate a machine to do the job faster. AI is just another type of machine. It’s not going to take our jobs anymore than dishwashers take care of our kitchens.


FatedMoody t1_j0q18vu wrote

I agree and disagree at the same time. It doesn't make all humans obsolete but greatly lessesns the amount of people needed especially entry level. For example, lawyers. Will AI make all lawyers obsolete? Probably not but will great diminish demand for paralegals and first year lawyers that we were mostly reviewing case law, finding precedent or just doing simple contract like wills, leases and etc

Basically tech will do what it has been doing, make the great workers even better and more productive while cut down the rest. I actually think this is what's happening now and a factor in growing inequality


davidm2232 t1_j0pkq2f wrote

We are a long way from AI replacing things like electricians, plumbers, HVAC, or carpenters. Though I would love some AI augmented reality for things like laying out rafters and conduit


psychedoutcasts t1_j0pzcbr wrote

What a doomer. Glow up child. Ubi is the only answer unless we falter back to traditional trades and barters. It's not the governments that are the problem, not with the right minds, it's capitalism.

Do things because you can anyway., not because someone or something out classes you.


werbit t1_j0pzz2h wrote

“I don’t trust all these fancy new machines making our clothes, nobody will ever work again”

-every working class person during the industrial revolution


Sad-Plan-7458 t1_j0q8r5v wrote

I get that people are excited /scared about AI, but real full adoption won’t be for 20-30 years. There will be Govt intervention, early, mid and late adoption cycles. There also needs to be a component of trust built. Live your life today, but keep the knowledge of tomorrow.


VermontZerg t1_j0r00l0 wrote

gif All these posts talking about how government is gonna kill you instead of UBI..gif

All around the same time, could you guys make it any more obvious? Your tactics work on Quora, but they aren't going to work here.


Eevermore t1_j0r2a2j wrote

Lmao all these people talking about "the government" killing everybody once AI can do most of everything for us sounds just as crazy as flat earthers and antivaxers.

AI will change the world, will replace human work in many ways, and will likely drive a huge paradigm shift in our societal and economic systems, but it will not lead to the vast majority of people being killed off by the elites cause they aren't needed anymore.


JoeBookish t1_j0muu7t wrote

I think people just get fired and shuffle into similar roles in less advanced companies, or they just get lower paying jobs. I think they're maybe also part of the demographic who just didn't take new jobs this year and moved back in with parents or rely on their spouses or whatever.


HalfBrinePickle t1_j0n0l63 wrote

I'm a disabled artist. My retirement plan is suicide.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j0n4qx4 wrote

If all the work is done, then what do you need a job for? Earn a living? If everything you need to live a good life is produced without spending any actual human labor on it then it's next best thing to free. You don't need to work to get all you want. That's utopia of course, ai and automation can at best amplify human labor, make it more efficient and produce more with less effort just as any other improvement in tooling. Bringing the required labor to zero is the realm of fiction.


McNasty420 t1_j0pwse9 wrote

You think prices of goods are going to go down because a company replaces most of their employees with AI?


SlumReunion t1_j0nibr2 wrote

Weird one, but copywriting. I dont think AI will be able to generate certain legal documentation or things of that nature for a while, but as far as writing marketing copy, there are already some really impressive tools out there. If you want to mess around with one gives you a week free without having to use a credit card or anything. Far from perfect, but its getting closer.


hamstercaster t1_j0pk56r wrote

Accounting, Finance and IT support services to name a few


cuppa_tea_4_me t1_j0poivk wrote

Psychologists. We are going to need a lot of therapy.


starstruckinutah t1_j0ps42o wrote

Trade jobs. Carpentry, plumbing, electrical. Going to be a hot minute before the AI bots are out cleaning sewer lines.


brimstoneph t1_j0qccl1 wrote

Im a concrete mixer truck driver. I feel pretty safe in AI not taking that specific sector. Long haul will probably be the first of trucking to fade out


Sawfish1212 t1_j0qg2zn wrote

Inspection and repair. No AI is ever going to make subjective evaluations for wear, conditions, or weird electrical problems, or come up with the ability to repair at the sub-component level.

I do aircraft repair, the FAA is never going to let a robot sign off inspections


DarkGengar94 t1_j0quh9e wrote

Making fictional stories for books and movies.



Fire fighting

Delivery or food and other packages


MyTnotE t1_j0quk00 wrote

Almost all jobs will be done better by 2040. Driving, which is the #1 profession in the country, is on the cusp right now. Anything repetitive is also at imminent risk. Cooking (fast food for instance) is about to see an impact.


nintendomech t1_j0qv2e7 wrote

I still don’t know why they don’t RFID everything in the grocery store so no scanning is needed and you do a quick validation of the items and pay.

I could see this becoming a thing. While amazon kind of did this I don’t think it fully rolled out.


RayMallick t1_j0qvzq4 wrote

Artist jobs will shrink. Good artists will survive and thrive, bad ones/part timers will be gradually reduced.


breaditbans t1_j0qxh8u wrote

Manual labor will still be needed. No matter how smart AI is, it won’t be repairing your faucet, wiring your new ceiling fan or building your gazebo.

It remains to be seen if ML algos can ever go beyond clever illusions. Artists will be fine. Well, artists have never exactly been a big part of the economy. But art from humans will still be valued, if nothing else than a tax evasion vehicle for rich people.


divepilot t1_j0qy69y wrote

Maybe the artist thing is not as hopeless as you think it is. Just consider that your work has moved to a higher level of abstraction - you can do more story telling, and you have unlimited assistants that are kinda clever in their own weird ways.

You are now a director instead of a worker. And you can make amazing things!


lucky_leftie t1_j0qyfrg wrote

Literally any real job? People have been saying to pick up a skill since I was a kid and people didn’t. So now people are behind.


surloc_dalnor t1_j0qygkx wrote

There are going to still be jobs and money to be made managing the AI generated content. There is still an art to figuring out what and how to ask as well what to reject. The problem is there simply may not be enough jobs. If unemployment hits 30% then making a living doing anything may be impossible. The kind of pressure that puts on salaries as people desperately try to get a job is going to drag salaries to bare minimums. Honestly I don't see any options better than UBI or socialism. The one good things that might happen is prices will likely crater.


FastEdge t1_j0r60tz wrote

I'm a software engineer and already, much of the heavy lifting is being done by AI-generated, black-box applications. Take Tesla's Autopilot technology for example. It was not programmed by people and the engineers there will be the first to tell you that they don't really know the specifics of how or why the black box made its decisions. What they can tell you is that the results meet expectations. Now I know some nerd is going to start waxing technological (new term... trademarked) about how that's not true; the black-box is programmed by somebody; that's not how it works, etc... But it is how it works. It's the whole reason for black-box architecture. Sure there are things that still need to be interfaced by a person, but all the "thinking" is already done. Soon, even the hands-on stuff will be reduced to a purely babysitting task. It won't take long at all for this to be standard practice.


nilekhet9 t1_j0r7jcf wrote

You’re looking at this wrong. The only nice jobs we’ll have are the ones that work on enabling other people with AI. After all this is the next generation of computing, everyone gets disrupted, but this process is incredibly cruel. When cloud computing became more popular a lot of people got fired from companies that moved their entire infrastructure on the cloud. Where are they now? Working in the bustling cloud industry in one way or another, suddenly getting a website running isn’t that hard anymore.

Look at it for it is and not what people tell you it is. Your computer, a tool, just got a very powerful update for you. You can choose to give up or make AI your bitch to create whatever kind of art you want. Remember Art doesn’t need to be 2d.


KamikazeArchon t1_j0r9gdv wrote

>no UBI is not the solution because the goverment will rather kill you or if you get it you will get a social credit slave.

If you think that's true, you might as well give up. The future cannot be improved without a belief that it can be changed.


Nightshade_Ranch t1_j0r9vhm wrote

Running and fixing the AI. And then fixing the things that run and fix the other AI. And so on.

Meanwhile, learning to garden is a great idea.


BigMouse12 t1_j0rnq4v wrote

An artist can still provide commercial value, but it might look more like refining a new character, but I would think, and I’m no expert, that hardest things to create AI for are jobs that require always approaching a new situation.

Thinking like plumbers and electricians where every house is similar and different. Certainly, a lot of neighborhoods have nearly matching houses, but many of us live in houses from the 50s, 60s, 70s.

AI will allow weaker talent to be able to do the work by providing the tools and information, but it can’t replace walking into my home and solving a problem I’m otherwise to busy for.


sadgirl45 t1_j0p5c91 wrote

Your job isn’t being done better by a machine keep up the good fight!!!


FatedMoody t1_j0q087b wrote

lawyers, accountants and primary care doctors being in jeopardy relatively soon


johnp299 t1_j0qepyh wrote

I think, the people that look at images for a living and render an expert opinion on what they see, is gonna get hit hard. Radiologists, military analysts, crime scene analysts, industrial inspectors, US Customs, etc...


UmeaTurbo t1_j0qw2oa wrote

Billionaires will run every organization that uses AI and we will be used for manual labor since machines break down and are hard to fix, but humans are everywhere and when they stop being useful, they can be ignored. If you don't think I'm right, look at all the camps all over the country. Concentration camps people build themselves out of cheap taps and shopping carts. Look at the camps of kids mining cobalt with their bare hands in Africa or the acres of slums in India and Brazil. It already exists, it will just spread out.


Libro_Artis t1_j0mvf25 wrote

I find myself hoping that a black swan event will derail AI tech.


Psychomadeye t1_j0o59j0 wrote

Is it a fear from not understanding how limited these technologies actually are? I can explain how this technology works and you'll be able to see exactly how small the threat actually is.


bareboneschicken t1_j0mwu0j wrote

The best solution is to promote policies that shrink the population.


Psychomadeye t1_j0o4m9p wrote

Not exactly. At every point in history when tasks were automated we ended up needing more labor. This was a fear every single time and every single time we ended up hiring even more. I've studied AI and ML technologies as well as the history of technologies and can tell you that if this were going to happen it would have happened not long after the technology was originally developed in 1948. Or when it was refined during the 50's and 60's. Artists are somewhat overreacting to something that threatens stock photo companies more than anyone else. People seem to think that there isn't a limit with these technologies and there really is. Barring a major change in the way space works we are going to have those limits in place for a really long time.


Absolutelynobody54 OP t1_j0n2w16 wrote

hope they are more about not having kids rather than killing the old and sick but canada doesn't give much hope