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bareboneschicken t1_j0mwu0j wrote

The best solution is to promote policies that shrink the population.


Psychomadeye t1_j0o4m9p wrote

Not exactly. At every point in history when tasks were automated we ended up needing more labor. This was a fear every single time and every single time we ended up hiring even more. I've studied AI and ML technologies as well as the history of technologies and can tell you that if this were going to happen it would have happened not long after the technology was originally developed in 1948. Or when it was refined during the 50's and 60's. Artists are somewhat overreacting to something that threatens stock photo companies more than anyone else. People seem to think that there isn't a limit with these technologies and there really is. Barring a major change in the way space works we are going to have those limits in place for a really long time.


Absolutelynobody54 OP t1_j0n2w16 wrote

hope they are more about not having kids rather than killing the old and sick but canada doesn't give much hope