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Doc580 t1_j0n0jiq wrote

Construction. If there is one thing that needs a mind in the filed that is flexible it's that. All those blue prints you get are perfect and always a sort of guide on how to put it together. In the field it's lots of a collective effort of individual scrutiny and skill.


Bangkokbeats10 t1_j0pm4c2 wrote

I can imagine new builds being automated, they’re already 3D printing houses … they look a bit shit now, but will no doubt improve.

Can’t see them automating renovations and maintenance work though. Each building is different, each task is different, so it would be highly difficult to automate.


SchwiftyMpls t1_j0q9dpm wrote

Handymen and home renovations will be pretty AI proof at least until they make a pretty advanced humanoid robot.


BigHipDoofus t1_j0r6ud5 wrote

3d printed concrete buildings are coming along. Finish carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work anyone?