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AaronRamsay t1_j0n232t wrote

Is it just me, or does this read like it was written by an AI?


PandaBlaq t1_j0od3ib wrote

The fact that we're no longer sure what's AI and real human thought should be more concerning to people, but so many are like 'lol what's the big deal lol'

I can't wait until the elites are manipulating everything we hear and see with AI. They'll deploy hundreds of thousands of AI posts on social media and the naive among us will think 'wow I guess a lot of people really want to lower the minimum wage who am I to disagree with the majority'

You know, implying it's not already happening.


novelide t1_j0p5odm wrote

It was already happening before AI. They call it public relations. Before that it was called propaganda, but they decided to start calling it public relations for public relations purposes.


BaconRaven t1_j0n2oz8 wrote

Because I don't know how to use bullet points?


AaronRamsay t1_j0n2y9d wrote

No, just the style reminds me a bit of answers I got from ChatGPT, but it might just be coincidental or I'm imagining it


Yung-Split t1_j0n3fk3 wrote

Somebody else posted another comment today on an very similar topic with a response written by gpt. You may have seen it.