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macetrek t1_j0pumyq wrote

Yeah, once the tractor is as invented we didn’t need as many people working in farms so we killed them all off I guess. Once the personal computer was invented all the clerks that typed up everything, and managed files were sent straight to the Soylent green factory!


dfeeney95 t1_j0n432p wrote

I mean when you talk like that I’m sure YOU will get killed lol also through every industrial revolution people have had to adapt you could try moving to earn a living if you want or you could acquire new skills that have value. You have a very victim mentality the government wouldn’t kill you they would love to keep taking advantage of someone like you


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0ntqka wrote

Man your brain is stuck in that small box there. AI is already causing waves with people jobs and it's not even really getting started.

Sadly brother as much as you wish it you will most likely end up with us "masses" cause it's gonna effect most people.


dfeeney95 t1_j0nvdp4 wrote

You can end up in the masses that doesn’t mean the government is going to murder you. Hell they might try, but are you really going to let them? With your current mindset it sounds like you’re ready to turn yourself in. I guess I could be stuck in a small box I’m not going to surrender to death the same way you’re volunteering for though.


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0pqlod wrote

I didn't say that, but you will be jobless and hungry while the current government fights over who's gonna fuck us over next election cycle.

My mindset looks at the reality and looks at facts and how the world is moving and how it's reacting currently to other actually struggles. And I don't see leadership who cares about anyone then themselves or there donors.

I don't think there gonna send out "death" squads like the tea cuppers of the Obama era. I just think, just as it is now, we're gonna be left to starve in the long run.

Also I'm currently in school to become an electrician one of the few jobs that robotics will have a harder time getting into. But sure, fill me in there, cause in the end you do you, and I do me, and we will see who makes it past this filter event.


dfeeney95 t1_j0pram8 wrote

Congratulations I’m a member of the ibew it’s a great career to be in you should teach yourself how to garden as well building a resilient lifestyle is all you can do the fact is the government has never cared about us so we have to care about each other I didn’t realize you weren’t op when I replied op has a very victim mind set


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0ps34p wrote

Lol, I can do Carpentry due to my father, wife and I grow a lot of our own food as well as the small community we're creating where we live. My goal is to keep learning till I can produce enough electricity on my own and store it.

We have below ground hand made water filtration system that we;re still trying to improve here since the rain water is so fucked.


dfeeney95 t1_j0psbu6 wrote

That’s badass man the lifestyle you’re building sounds very different than the doom and gloom world op is imagining


SubtleSubterfugeStan t1_j0pucwf wrote

Community and kindness is humanity's best bits and I just want to make a place of people of like minds to do the same.

The only way the common folk have made it through so many terrible events through out history is by sticking together and helping each other. I believe this will be the ultimate test of that.

Also, about the OP, I get being defeated. Life is hard right now but in a very silent way at times. We acknowledge that we live in a time that our ancestors could never even imagine could exist. So we should fill joy and be celebrating a life of real freedom. But instead humanity is still clinging onto to the last visage of animal savagery in us and glorifying in it.

Truth is for most people, the coming famines and chaos will be the end. Even for people "prepared" for it will probably perish as well. But the only way to make it at all is by sticking together and sharing and pooling talents/resources together.


Thanks for coming to my TED talk that is all.


novelide t1_j0p5aap wrote

Government? You mean the government of, by, and for the peasants? Obsolete.


Cascascap t1_j0nnq4e wrote

What? What could have possibly have drawn you to that conclusion? What scenario ran in your head where people just start getting killed?


Littleman88 t1_j0pup98 wrote

The defeatist kind that would rather roll over than fight to survive.


panconquesofrito t1_j0qajnf wrote

I am honestly not concerned with the rich. I am more concerned with the religious crazy mother fuckers when this shit takes hold.


stillgodlol t1_j0npx1n wrote

If only elites and rich people will remain, wouldn't that make them not so special anymore tho?


abrandis t1_j0nftqi wrote

This is the sad truth, AI will be used by those with the power, the ownership class to further consolidate, land, resources and most importantly power and authority.

AI will first create a dystopia and maybe if we survive , later a utopia.