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perdition_grove t1_j0najlz wrote

I see a lot of people resigned to a dark future and i don't get it. I would never advocate for violence, but i don't understand why people would choose to just lie down and die instead of trying to change things whatever method necessary. Don't think the elites will allow for UBI and don't care if you die? You're probably right. People will shoot up a mall or a school full of kids though.

We could even do it non - violently, but the longer we wait, the less impact we'll have. We can organize. We can have massive general strikes. We can decide that money, the thing the elites use to determine wealth, means nothing. It only exists because we agree it does. It's not hopeless. They just want you to believe it is.


tennisanybody t1_j0np6g4 wrote

In World War Two the nazis had to gain some kind of foothold. You’ll be surprised how many people just lie down and take it up the ass when faced with an entity they barely understand.

Shit ask your immediate family why they vote the way they do. Half will tell you they don’t. The other half will tell you they vote like fish. Swimming along the current that carries them.

I do not intend to be among those that just accept their fate. Fuck that noise. If the rich want any of mine I’ll take some of their henchmen with me.


perdition_grove t1_j0nr641 wrote

Oh i agree completely. I'm not at all optimistic anything will change. My point is that it can. And i hope it does. Solidarity my friend


Brock_Savage t1_j0ogxmh wrote

>I see a lot of people resigned to a dark future and i don't get it

Redditors project their anxiety, depression, loneliness and cynicism when speculating about the future.


perdition_grove t1_j0oinbn wrote

Oh i understand that part perfectly well. I think if you don't feel those things a little bit, then you aren't paying attention. It's the giving up that i don't understand.