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OccupationSock t1_j1zn0iq wrote

There will be a day when everything but a perfect synthetic steak freaks people out


Mdly68 t1_j203m2p wrote

Like my kids today who want chicken nuggets but not "real" chicken.


SoUpInYa t1_j20hxg8 wrote

Like adults who go to Buffalo Wild Wings and order "Boneless Wings" which are glorified chicken nuggets


GardenerGarrett t1_j20itcj wrote

Those faux wing nuggs were great with the side salad. Until they cheaped out on the side salad.


scumful t1_j21wvv9 wrote

BWW went down hill so fast, once apon a time I remember people actually loving them not too long ago.


Ok_Kale_2509 t1_j22ai8y wrote

I love that for some reason there is a part of the population so triggered by the thought of boneless wings they have to act like only little kids should like them. They are delights and I don't have to waste my time eating around bones. Why exactly does that make me childish?


scumful t1_j21wqj0 wrote

😂😂 they taste different though !


nerdswithfriends t1_j22og4d wrote

Good! Continuing to harm animals when there's a viable and equally palatable alternative available should freak people out tbh