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KRed75 t1_j206ub1 wrote

Where did I say they wouldn't exist outside zoos? I said the only place we'd see them was in a zoo. Because they'd be so rare in the wild that you'd have to go to a zoo to see them. The only place I've ever seen a giraffe or an elephant or a lion or a tiger or a bear is in a zoo but they still exist outside zoos.


hawkwings t1_j20h5th wrote

Chickens aren't that rare outside of zoos. I've seen wild chickens before.


KRed75 t1_j20w12y wrote

There's no such thing as a wild chicken except for in Asia where they originated. Chickens were introduced to the world from Asia. They are considered feral chickens. I've never seen a feral chicken in 48 years. I've only seen a farm chicken running that escaped from his coop and lived at my kids' school for a few years until it died.