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RPC3 t1_j225inl wrote

You are missing the culture part though. It's a meme in the real sense of the word. They had to use the whole animal in the past and it became part of their culture. They had to do it because organ meats can be the most calorie packed and full of nutrients. People's native foods are downright holy to them in many circumstances. Attempting to make it too expensive is how you kill people. Stuff like that hurts the poor the worst. Also, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna pass laws saying they can't raise animals? That's where this stuff comes from in the first place.


stealthdawg t1_j24fwi4 wrote

Nobody will 'attempt' to make it too expensive. And by 'it' I mean non-mainstream, non-muscle, items like organs and other animal tissue that are ecclectic.

It will become too expensive because lab-grown meat will dissociate the supply of regular meat from those other items, and it will cost more to raise an animal at lower quantities.

Nobody is saying there won't be small-batch farmers raising animals for these markets, but in agregate the supply is, imo, going to be severely reduced.

And tbh yes I think wayyyyy down the line (100s of years perhaps), if we can synthesize all the products of an animal, there will be valid discussion on banning animal slaughter.