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sandcrawler56 OP t1_j22mktb wrote

I'm not a vegan. And no I don't think this is right but I also can do nothing to stop this. I just hope that some good eventually comes out of it and the technology evolved to the point that this is not necessary.


Songmuddywater t1_j23ntob wrote

When you advocate for people doing something then you are directly morally responsible for it. When you advocate for lab produced meat which requires fetal bovine serum and blood. Then you are advocating for the continual impregnation and butchering of pregnant animals in order to attain that serum. ..

Again this is worse than veal and you are morally repugnant.


sandcrawler56 OP t1_j23r30z wrote

Um, I never said I advocated for it. I said there is nothing I can do to stop people experimenting with it. And I hope that for the sake of our children's futures, something good comes out of it. I never once advocated for this to be the right thing to do.

You might as well say you refuse to be treated by modern medicine because all the good that we are able to do now is sure as hell based on a bunch of human and animal suffering through the centuries of experimentation and getting things wrong. Much of the progress we have now as a human species has been built upon the suffering of those in the past.


Songmuddywater t1_j23vsfl wrote

You just defended it and have said nothing negative about well say many positive things about it.. That's advocating for it

I repeat again like I've done many times. Most people are so value vacant that they would shove children into ovens if they were told it was the right thing to do by a figure of authority. .


sandcrawler56 OP t1_j25hf4b wrote

Nope, I have not said anything to defend it. Not that it matters anyway because someone like you is more interested in hearing their own argument than trying to understand what others have to say. The fact that you repeatedly resort to ad hominem arguments is just really sad.