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NotObviouslyARobot t1_j23c1py wrote

Nah. They'll use male dairy calves for that.


Songmuddywater t1_j23n6l8 wrote

You don't understand. If the calf is allowed to be born then the calf is too old. They have to kill the mother while she's pregnant and yank her calf out still alive and kicking.

This is what you support. This is worse than veal.


NotObviouslyARobot t1_j23pp7q wrote

It's not any more immoral than veal, or dairy

The real question is how much FBS we need for a given cow-equivalent of lab-grown meat. If it's a 1:1 ratio or any similar low ratio cow-wise, it won't take off--and it's pointless to even discuss it because economics will kill it.

Cows take 18-24 months to reach slaughter weight. A cow can get pregnant once per year. The pregnant cow slaughter takes at least 3 herd animals or more out of the market.

Doing FBS production with beef cows doesn't make sense. The only way FBS would make economic sense is if you wanted to use producing it to "retire" older dairy cows--in which case...there's very little difference in the net cruelty.


Songmuddywater t1_j23q33c wrote

So once again you're okay with slaughtering pregnant animals to vampirically suck the blood out of the still living and kicking baby in order to make your demonic meat in a laboratory.

Just admit you don't care about animals or animal cruelty. Lab grown meat just seems fashionable to you.

The truth is that most people would shove children into ovens if they were told it was the right thing to do by a figure of authority.


yes_of_course_not t1_j252sr6 wrote

Chiming in with some info: At least a couple of the lab grown meat companies are using a non-FBS growth medium. Apparently it's also cheaper than using traditional FBS. FBS is not a requirement for growing lab grown meat anymore.


yes_of_course_not t1_j2537e1 wrote

There are companies already using non-FBS growth medium. FBS is not required anymore.


NotObviouslyARobot t1_j25iz1i wrote

I thought that was the case and that the guy I was responding to obviously wasn't arguing in good faith. Yay Science?