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Emberashh t1_j0qj22d wrote

>Society and economy should be reworked so having a job isn't the unique criteria to determine one's worth.

Most jobs aren't being taken on that basis to begin with. Economic prudence takes precedent, and its the jobs that get abandoned when economics are no longer a factor that are likely to be at their best automated.

But theres nuance there. Many jobs would only be so readily abandoned because they're managed poorly. The service industry is rife with this, and while robots could replace these jobs, it actually isn't likely going to be desirable to do so, and that would eventually rebalance the industry towards sustainable employment and management practices.

And more than that, theres no shortage of people that do inherently find worth in simply achieving at whatever their job is, and they're not wrong for doing so. These are people that would still be doing their jobs even with all of the economic exploitation that capitalism induces being removed.

And as always, I like to point out that Star Trek got this vision right. Computers and robots do not do everything, and theres a strong cultural bent towards recognizing the inherent value in a humans labor regardless of what it is they're doing.